WordCamp Europe 2024: Highlights from our Development Team

Discover the firsthand experiences and key takeaways from our developers, Mark and Dave, at WordCamp Europe 2024, as they delve into the latest advancements and community highlights of the world’s premier WordPress conference held in Turin.

Following our attendance at WordCamp Europe this year in the Italian city of Turin, we sat down with two members of our core development team. Mark and Dave, two members of our core development team, attended the event and came back brimming with insights and inspiration.

WordCamps are known for their vibrant community, engaging speaker sessions and invaluable networking opportunities, making it a must-attend event for anyone involved in WordPress development. It’s safe to say, this year’s conference lived up to its reputation, offering a wealth of knowledge and experiences that Mark and Dave were eager to share.

The event provided a platform to explore the latest advancements in WordPress, engage with other developers, and discuss future trends in web development. They attended various sessions, engaged in enlightening discussions, and enjoyed the lively social events that are a hallmark of WordCamp. Their insights reflect the depth of learning and community spirit that WordCamp Europe fosters every year.

Overall Experience

Mark and Dave found the event to be incredibly welcoming and informative. Dave highlighted the ease of striking up conversations with other attendees and catching up with old friends, all while enjoying excellent food. The evening events, including the sponsors and volunteers gathering and the combined Siteground and Pride parties, were especially memorable, providing a relaxed setting to discuss various topics such as language translation challenges.

In addition to the social benefits, both Mark and Dave appreciated the collaborative atmosphere that WordCamp fosters. They found it inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded WordPress developers and enthusiasts. The conference’s welcoming environment encouraged them to exchange ideas and learn from the diverse experiences of other developers.

Interactivity API: The New Standard Way to Build Modern WordPress Frontends

Michał Czapliński’s session on the Interactivity API was a standout for Mark. Michał, a software engineer at Automattic, explained how the API simplifies creating dynamic web experiences by integrating seamlessly with existing WordPress themes and plugins. This standardised approach reduces the need for custom JavaScript and third-party libraries, promising enhanced performance, maintainability, and scalability. Mark is excited about implementing this API in future projects.

Mark also noted that the Interactivity API has the potential to revolutionise how developers approach building frontends in WordPress. By leveraging native WordPress functionalities, developers can create richer, more engaging user experiences without the overhead of additional libraries. This not only streamlines the development process but also ensures better compatibility and easier maintenance for WordPress sites.

Discover PersonalizeWP Version 2.2

In the same week as WCEU, we released the latest version of PersonalizeWP for the WordPress Block Editor. Introducing valuable new features such as password protection, individual user targeting, WS Form integration and more to help you personalise your website.

Practical Techniques for Sustainable Web Development with WordPress

Dave found Bjarne Oldrup’s session on sustainable web development very insightful. Bjarne discussed strategies to reduce websites’ carbon footprints by 75-90% while improving accessibility, security, and performance. These techniques not only enhance user experience, especially for those with limited bandwidth, but also help sites achieve better search engine rankings due to their efficient design and performance optimisations. This aligns well with the sustainable practices Dave already incorporates into our projects.

Dave was also impressed by how these sustainable practices could lead to significant performance gains. By focusing on lightweight design and minimising dependencies, developers can create faster, more responsive websites. This approach not only benefits users but also aligns with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility in tech. Implementing these strategies can make a substantial difference in both user satisfaction and the ecological impact of web development.

Building Custom Post Types with Blocks

Magdalena Paciorek’s session on custom post types was another highlight for both Mark and Dave. Magdalena demonstrated the advanced capabilities of the WordPress block editor, showing how to leverage custom post types, taxonomies, and meta fields within the site editor. This session provided valuable insights into creating sophisticated and streamlined user experiences, aligning perfectly with our team’s goals to push the boundaries of what the block editor can achieve.

Both Dave and Mark were particularly excited about the potential to create highly customised admin experiences using blocks. The session highlighted how these tools could be used to develop complex, yet user-friendly interfaces for managing content. By integrating custom post types directly into the block editor, developers can offer clients a more cohesive and intuitive way to manage their sites, ultimately leading to better overall site design and functionality.


Attending WordCamp not only provides a chance to learn from industry experts but also to become part of a global network of passionate WordPress users and developers.

Mark and Dave left the conference feeling inspired and equipped with new knowledge and ideas to implement in their work, looking forward to the next gathering and the continued growth of the WordPress community.

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