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Filter specialise in secure WordPress development and custom third party integrations.


If you’re an Enterprise business looking for a content management platform that can grow and adapt with you as you scale, that doesn’t lock you into license fees, platforms or expensive add-ons and can fit into your composable tech stack, then WordPress is the right choice.
With an emphasis on performance, flexibility and customisation, using WordPress as your CMS will delight your content team, surprise your security team and impress your SEO team.

Proven Expertise

Our experience in WordPress covers a wide range of enterprise needs such as SSO, user authentication, data and CRM integration to multisite networks, multilingual and location-specific content, to ecommerce, search and personalization.

We understand your need to for an agile, flexible development process that is grounded in first principles, and how your legal team will want to ensure that data is held securely at rest. We know and expect that you’ll want to conduct load, performance and penetration testing and partner with platforms that offer you peace-of-mind that you won’t be tripped up later down the line.

And because of our background in mobile and app development, we’re also positioned to understand how to integrate WordPress into a composable stack and use it to deliver headless, omnichannel content that can be distributed across multiple front-end platforms.

Content for Conversion Rate Optimisation

A Global Approach To Content Management

Your content team need a platform that allows them to manage content for multiple territories and languages, whilst retaining a consistent workflow that allows them to be confident that when they publish it will index and rank highly in search engines across the globe.

WordPress provides the perfect solution for localised content management with a strong ecosystem that can provide automatic translation integrations and custom workflows that adapt to reflect the different scenarios and workflows associated with multilingual publishing.

Filter’s experience in delivering global content for clients such as Medivet, Crystal Palace, Ennismore and Garrard means that we understand how languages impact upon search engine optimisation and visibility in search engines.

Enterprise Multilingual Content

WordPress benefits from an ecosystem approach to translation and localization with sophisticated integrations that reflect the different scenarios and workflows associated with multilingual publishing.

Filter’s experience in delivering localized content for clients such as Medivet, Crystal Palace, Ennismore and Garrard means that we are able to understand the requirements of global content teams, and how the languages impact upon search engine optimisation and reputation for brands.

By removing barriers for marketing teams to work at speed we can provide content ediitors with the freedom and flexibility to use tools that work best for their particular locality, taking advantage of automated translation engines and AI to deliver improvements in time to market and speed of delivery.

Conversion Rate Optimisation for WordPress


Using our PersonalizeWP plugin, we can allow content editors to deliver targeted content strategies and marketing campaigns, improving user engagement and conversion rates allowing you to nurture and target leads directly using first-party data.

CRM Integration

We can integrate with CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Pardot and Hubspot allowing for the automatic capture of leads, inquiries, and customer interactions directly from your WordPress site continually syncs in the background.

Secure Hosting

Premier WordPress hosting services like WordPress VIP and WP Engine specialize in offering secure, high-performance hosting solutions tailored to businesses with significant traffic demands and complex website requirements.

API Development

The WordPress REST API provides a flexible way to interact with a WordPress site’s data, including posts, pages, and custom content types, using JSON objects over HTTP, which allows developers to build or integrate with external applications and services.


The WordPress community actively works towards compliance with web accessibility standards such as WCAG to ensure themes, plugins, and core code support features like keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and adequate color contrast

GDPR & Data

WordPress supports GDPR efforts by providing core features and plugins that facilitate consent management, data export and erasure, activity logging, consent checkboxes for comments and contact forms, and privacy policy generators.

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Benefits Of Open Source Technology

Building on open-source technology like WordPress means that you avoid vendor lock-in whilst maintaining the ability to use a content platform that fits seamlessly into your composable stack.

We provide solutions for every size and shape of business – from startups to enterprise – and we can help you to achieve your goals, whether that is a new website, replatforming from a different CMS such as Sitecore, Optimizely or Adobe Experience Manager, or developing a custom product.

Enterprise WordPress Hosting, Support & Maintenance

Allow yourself the freedom to create while our support team take care of your custom built WordPress solution.

As WordPress VIP and WPEngine partners, we are well practiced at maintaining a continuation of service with enhanced security features and on-demand support.

Both offer strengthened security that includes managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), advanced DDOS Mitigation, Cloudflare CDN, and SSL. You can even go the extra mile with a headless solution that further decouples your frontend from the WordPress admin.

Get technical health assessments and monthly scorecards to track important KPIs. Opt for ‘continuous improvement’ and our team will go to work on optimising your website performance for Core Web Vitals, Accessibility and feature upgrades.

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Creating A Business Partnership

Our approach is built on trust and high standards of delivery. It’s why we have long-term relationships with market leaders such as Wetherspoon, Medivet and Crystal Palace, and work with them on a retained basis.

At Filter, we’re not in it for the short-term. We bring strategic value to our clients through our understanding of how performance, flexible content architectures, robust security provisions, and enhanded compliance and governance are key to their success.

We help guide businesses through the important steps of creating the right foundations, and then helping them to drive growth through continued innovation and making the right technical decisions for the future.

Enterprise WordPress Guidance

Our Enterprise Series of e-Books are designed to help you navigate the ever-changing digital business landscape, whether you are a private company or work in the public sector.

With topics ranging from Accessibility to Sustainability, and taking in Performance, Personalisation and Security, our guides are useful to anyone building or maintaining a website for your business at scale.

Accessibility eBook

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Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is number one for development due to its open-source, clean, flexible codebase. Filter’s values for publishing on the web align with the WordPress community, in that your site deserves a secure and compliant platform as bedrock. What’s more, WordPress is scalable, extendable, and cost-effective for all but the most budget-restricted projects.
Among web publishing platforms, WordPress leads the way for customization options. You have plenty of ways to tailor a site to your exact requirements using the built-in Block Editor page builder, themes, plugins, and code. However, technical expertise is not required to customize your site, which makes WordPress a flexible solution.
WordPress itself has a clean codebase at its core that is constantly updated. This means you have an optimized footing from which to build your site. In addition, there are dedicated plugins that handle on-page SEO and all sorts of other essential optimization tasks.
We certainly can! Our approach can take you from initial discovery through to UX wireframing, prototyping, further development, and eventual launch. We even provide ongoing support once a site is live. However, we can also adapt to the needs of your project and budget. As such, we can slot in wherever you need our assistance.
As WordPress specialists, Filter is comfortable working on any project that requires using the leading CMS on the planet. In fact, transferring those skills between industries often provides a benefit to you. Even so, we have extensive experience in publishing, hospitality, financial services, veterinary, and sports industries.
While we love working on a project from conception to execution, we understand that this isn’t required for every project. Filter works with many other agencies, design teams, in-house departments, and more to help create your project. Our expertise can slot in wherever you need it.
Transformational work comes from collaboration

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