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Putting the loyal fans and members first

Filter is a sports digital agency that guides the transformation of organisations through strategic advice and cutting-edge technology. Our work includes the design and development of media hubs, hospitality marketing and custom member apps.
Our goal is to enhance fan engagement, optimise operations, and drive revenue to many different sports enterprises such as Professional Football, Motorsports and Fitness.

Crystal Palace

Digital transformation for Sports organisations

As the sporting landscape undergoes a transformative shift, forward-thinking sports clubs like Crystal Palace FC are redefining their fan engagement strategies to extend beyond matchdays and embrace the “every day” experience.

Working collaboratively with Filter, CPFC have achieved remarkable set of milestones that resulted in some impressive stats:

  • Fan Records +1,000%
  • Social Following +585%
  • Impressions +284%
  • Engagements + 1,085%
  • Web Sessions +69%

Commercialising the CPFC Digital Estate

“Filter has been a trusted partner providing innovative and cost effective solutions that have enabled us to create personalised experiences for our fans in South London and across the globe.”

Steve Parish – Crystal Palace F.C., Chairman

Jetpack AI Assistant

WordPress VIP and Generative AI Assistance

Filter are one of a handfull of digital agencies globally that carry the status of WordPress VIP Partner. This means we operate at the very sharp end of open source development and have extensive knowledge of building customised content platforms within the sports industries.

Why WordPress? Well, WordPress continues to be a world leader claiming more than 40% of the internet, it’s the ideal platform for content publishing in all its forms. Its intuitive interface, vast plugin ecosystem, and customisable page templates make it a natural choice for publishing content to a wide audience. Moreover, the integration of Generative AI publishing tools like JetPack AI Assistant. further enhances its appeal.

Performance where it matters most

Our expert team specialises in performance strategies for Web & App development, including image compression, browser caching, and content delivery network (CDN) integration. By minimizing load times and enhancing the reader experience, we ensure your digital product operates flawlessly across all devices and platforms.

WordPress Ecommerce Agency London
Personalisation ebook

The Marketer’s Guide to Personalisation

To find out more about the benefits of personalisation and why it’s essential to business success, make sure to download our free enterprise guide.

Create a Personalised experience for your members

We recognise the importance of providing a tailored experience for your members and fans. There are abundant possibilities to harness personalisation for your enterprise, such as:

  • Tailored content based on interests
  • Customised newsletters and email campaigns
  • User-generated content (UGC) and community participation
  • Personalised user profiles
  • Location-based personalisation
  • Personalised subscription options
  • And much more.
TeamSport Website

TeamSport – Improved Customer Experiences

Discover how our partnership transformed customer experiences, delivering unrivalled personalisation, seamless touch-points and enduring relationships.

Sports Digital Agency Prioritising Accessibility

Our team is dedicated to maintaining high accessibility standards and adhering to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. This ensures that all our websites accommodate individuals with diverse accessibility needs. We follow recommended practices, including the use of alternative text for images, maintaining suitable colour contrast, enabling keyboard navigation, and ensuring compatibility with screen readers.

By placing a strong emphasis on accessibility, our goal is to broaden your website’s audience, improve reader satisfaction, and ensure compliance with accessibility regulations.

Virgin Active Website

Virgin Active Members Portal

Virgin Active have 233 clubs with a membership of 1.2 million. We developed a Membership portal for them that offered personalised content and detailed data analytics.


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