As a company that operates remotely, we recognise the unique opportunities and challenges that come with this model. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected not only in our operational practices but also in the software solutions we develop to assist our clients in reducing their carbon footprint.

The first draft of this policy was written in 2023 and represents the beginning of our sustainability journey. Over the forthcoming months and years, we intend to embed better and more effective practices, including more accurate measurement and reporting of our carbon emissions.

As our agency matures in this area, we will continue to publish our endeavours to become more environmentally sustainable. At this stage, our goal is to continue to practise sustainable web development for our clients whilst minimising our CO2 footprint through remote working.

Carbon Reduction over Carbon Offsetting

Filter opts for a Carbon Reduction approach, over relying solely on Carbon Offsetting as part of our sustainability strategy. The company is committed to directly addressing its environmental impact by implementing internal measures that actively reduce carbon emissions at the source.

Remote Work and Commuting:

Filter is proud to be a fully remote company. By embracing remote work and eradicating the daily commute, we significantly reduce our collective carbon emissions, promoting a healthier and more sustainable work-life balance for our team. Our working from home policy includes advice on ‘Green Behaviour at Home’, such as:

  • Encouraging team members to use green energy suppliers where possible
  • Recycling business-related waste
  • Only providing equipment when necessary to avoid duplication
  • Not leaving devices running while unused
  • Keeping travel to meetings and events to a minimum
  • Using energy-efficient public transport for business-related activities

Green Software Development:

Filter empowers its clients to significantly reduce carbon emissions through the provision of performant, lightweight solutions. By prioritising performance and sustainability, we aim to reduce the power consumption needed to consume our solutions. Some key green software practices employed by Filter include:

On-demand Cloud Computing – By leveraging on-demand cloud services including project management tools, design software, AWS, Managed WordPress Hosting and CDN providers, our working practices ensure minimal energy usage and waste, supporting a greener computing infrastructure.

Remote Collaboration Tools – Facilitating remote work, our software helps decrease the need for commuting, translating into lowered transportation-related emissions.

Website Page Weight – By optimising our website and app production for low page weights (file size), our software solutions require less server energy to store and transfer data. This practice also reduces the processing load on the user’s device, once again reducing energy consumption. The net result includes faster loading times, heightened user experience and less emissions.

Continuous Improvement:

We acknowledge our agency is at the beginning of an ongoing journey of improvement in our sustainability practices. We actively seek new ways to reduce our environmental impact and pledge to incorporate the latest advancements in sustainable technology and practices into our operations.

By adopting and promoting the sustainability measures above, Filter aims to be a responsible corporate citizen and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change. We officially invite our employees, clients, and partners to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Sustainability Resources

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