The Marketer’s Guide to Sustainability

Find out how to make your website more sustainable, while simultaneously improving performance and conversions.

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We’re on a mission to empower businesses to measure, manage, and mitigate their website’s carbon footprint. Let’s shape a greener future together.

Louise Towler

Founder, Kanoppi

Is your website sustainable?

Many businesses don’t realise the environmental impact their online presence can have. The truth is, the internet generates significant carbon emissions, if it were a country it would be the world’s fourth biggest polluter. If you’re unsure how to accurately measure your website’s carbon output, our newly launched Enterprise Series guide is here to help.

We created this guide precisely to assist businesses in understanding and monitoring their website’s sustainability. It’s surprising how much carbon the internet emits, and this guide delves into the crucial steps needed to understand and mitigate your website’s environmental footprint.

Collaborating with Kanoppi

We wanted to create a guide that offers invaluable insights into sustainability for businesses. Our collaboration with the skilled and forward-thinking team at Kanoppi was instrumental in achieving this.

Kanoppi, an innovative WordPress extension, is dedicated to assisting website owners in the ongoing measurement and reduction of their website’s carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of better sustainability?

Enhancing your website’s sustainability isn’t just an environmental win; it’s a game-changer for performance too. When visitors come to your site, they’re in for a smoother, more enjoyable experience, which often means more conversions and revenue for your business.

Prioritising sustainability isn’t just good for the planet; it’s a savvy business move. It elevates your brand, resonating positively with customers who appreciate businesses that champion environmental responsibility.

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