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We’ve put together an extensive guide to help modern-day marketers adhere to accessibility guidelines and standards.

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Accessibility Guide

WCAG provides a clear benchmark against which you can test the accessibility of your website. Ensuring your website is WCAG-compliant should be the required starting point for all organisations.

Lucy Collins

Web Usability

Is your website accessible?

Our smart eBook is part of a new Enterprise Series from the Filter team, designed to help you navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

This edition focuses on Accessibility and how requirements vary in relation to private and public sector organisations.

Why should accessibility be a priority?

Over 14.6 million people in the UK have a registered disability.

If your website isn’t universally accessible, you could be alienating a large number of those people.

Improving your approach can make your website more universally accessible to anyone, helping you to reach a wider audience and build stronger customer loyalty. Accessibility can benefit a wide range of different people for a multitude of reasons.

Collaborative Knowledge

For this eBook, we have collaborated with industry experts Web Usability to provide a more in-depth examination and produce value-driving, actionable recommendations.

Web Usability provide user experience (UX) research and advice to help private, public and not-for-profit organisations optimise their digital services.

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