Future-Proof Solutions: Replatforming The Inside Out Community

Find out how we helped The Inside Out Community to replatform their website and embrace new digital solutions such as the block editor and WooCommerce.
Explore their transformative journey, reshaping this innovative in-house creative community.

Scalability For Success

The Inside Out Community is a thriving digital platform that fosters connections and growth among in-house creative leaders.

The community welcomes creatives from a range of industries and offers curated resources, development opportunities, networking and much more. Its impressive membership includes well known organisations such as GoustoWaitroseUNICEFDeliveroo and many others.

As the community’s audience and overall impact have been rapidly expanding in recent years, it was clear to our team that they needed a dynamic solution to sustain their accelerated growth.

Project Overview

The Inside Out Community’s existing website had initially been built with Elementor, a widely-used WordPress page builder known for its design flexibility. However, while Elementor offered the freedom to create visually appealing webpages, it eventually posed several challenges. These challenges primarily concerned the website’s performance, its long-term sustainability and the ability to facilitate seamless collaborations among multiple contributors.

The website’s reliance on Elementor was not ideal for the organisation’s long-term goals and performance issues such as slow loading times began to impede user experience. Additionally, maintenance and scalability concerns emerged as the website grew in both content and complexity.

Recognising the need for a more streamlined and future-proof solution, The Inside Out Community started to re-evaluate their website’s foundation and explored alternative options.

Approaching The Challenge Of Future-Proofing A Website

We approached the Inside Out Community’s challenges by leveraging our expertise in WordPress and its extremely useful block editor. Recognising the power of these platforms, we proposed a comprehensive solution which harnessed their capabilities effectively.

We started by conducting a meticulous analysis of the existing website, where our team identified essential design elements and content. Drawing on our years of experience with WordPress and our proficiency in Gutenberg, we restructured the website using the versatile block editor.

Additionally, we recognised the opportunity to enhance the website’s functionality by implementing WooCommerce, a renowned e-commerce platform. This strategic integration allowed us to seamlessly support The Inside Out Community’s subscription and membership services while ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly digital experience.

The Benefits of Utilising WordPress

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Embracing The Benefits Of Using The WordPress Block Editor

This approach not only addressed the challenge at hand but also unlocked numerous benefits of utilising the renowned block editor.

The newly reworked website will now benefit from:

  1. Streamlined content management: Gutenberg’s block-based approach simplifies content creation and editing, allowing for quick changes and improved efficiency.
  2. Enhanced user experiences: the visual nature of Gutenberg ensures content is engaging and responsive, providing an optimised experience for all users on any device.
  3. Improved collaboration: the ability to create, reuse and share blocks empowers seamless collaboration and fosters a more efficient workflow.
  4. Accessibility compliance: Gutenberg ensures the website content is inclusive and in line with accessibility guidelines.
  5. Community support: as Gutenberg is the default editor for WordPress, it benefits from robust community support, continuous updates and a wide range of helpful resources.

Empowering Membership And Subscription Services With WooCommerce

As part of this project, the Filter team recognised the invaluable role that WooCommerce, a robust e-commerce platform, could play in helping to manage the Inside Out Community’s subscription and membership services. Our seamless integration of WooCommerce unlocked a world of new possibilities.

Customised WooCommerce functionalities will provide a user-friendly interface that will simplify the management of subscriptions, as well as the process of signing up for a membership. This solution will not only streamline administrative tasks but will also ensure that members have a smooth and engaging experience.

WooCommerce‘s versatility and scalability provides the Inside Out Community with the agility to adapt and grow their subscription and membership services, in alignment with their evolving needs and objectives.

We underestimated the role our website was going to play when we first launched the community, so having Filter on board as a trusted tech partner has been so valuable.
We now have the right foundations for growth and to realise our vision, along with the very important peace of mind that we now have a trusted partner to support us at each stage of our growth journey.

Emma Sexton

Inside Out Community

Future-Proofing And Enabling Scalability

The collaborative efforts between our team and the Inside Out Community resulted in an efficiently replatformed website, which utilises the power of both the block editor and WooCommmerce.

This transition brought immediate benefits, including improved site speed and user experience. The block-based editor streamlined content management, facilitating seamless collaboration among contributors.

The integration of WooCommerce enabled efficient subscription and membership management, contributing to the organisation’s financial capacity.

Moving away from Elementor ensured a more sustainable and cost-effective website, future-proofing their online presence.


In the capable hands of Filter, The Inside Out Community embarked on a transformative journey. This journey entailed a seamless transition from Elementor to the Block Editor, all while integrating the versatile WooCommerce platform.

The new and improved website is a great example of the potential of strategic digital transformations and showcases how implementing the right solution for your business goals, can enhance your online presence.

We’re proud to work with forward-thinking organisations like The Inside Out Community and we’re excited to see how we can work together again in the future. Read more about our partnership here.

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