Empowering Creativity and Innovation: Joining Forces With The Inside Out Community

The Filter team is excited to announce a new partnership with the Inside Out Community, maximising the value of community through collaboration.

As a trusted digital technical partner to a number of successful businesses spanning a variety of sizes and industries, we consider ourselves fortunate as we’re able to engage with a broad spectrum of exceptional organisations.

One such organisation is The Inside Out Community and in this article we’ll be exploring our newly formed partnership. Aiming to strategically leverage each other’s strengths to maximise the value of the community through collaboration and the smart use of technology.

What is the Inside Out Community?

The Inside Out Community has made a significant impact as the UK’s and Europe’s first independent creative community, uniting trailblazing in-house creative leaders across various industries. Whether a team is well-established or just beginning their journey, the Inside Out Community welcomes all, offering access to a wealth of curated resources, learning and development opportunities, networking tools, events, awards, and more.

The community’s membership boasts an impressive list of companies, including what3words, Gousto, Waitrose, Savills, UNICEF,  PwC and Deliveroo and many others. Additionally, the partnership with influential organisations like Adobe, EKCS, Bannerflow, We Are Amnet and Guild has further elevated the Inside Out Community’s status in empowering creativity and innovation.

A Powerful Partnership

Filter and the Inside Out team have recognised the immense potential of working together to create a synergistic effect that benefits both their respective communities. By combining Filter’s expertise in technology and digital solutions with Inside Out’s vast network of creative leaders and resources, this collaboration promises to drive innovation and elevate the value of both communities.

The partnership will allow Filter to actively contribute to the upcoming schedule of events and workshops hosted by Inside Out. Through these engagements, Filter will be able to share their industry insights and provide valuable guidance to community members seeking to leverage technology to enhance their marketing strategies.

Moreover, Inside Out will serve as an excellent platform for Filter to showcase their innovative solutions and services to a diverse audience of creative professionals. This exposure will undoubtedly open up new opportunities for Filter to collaborate with like-minded companies and further establish themselves as industry experts.

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Maximizing the Value of Community Through Collaboration

Filter’s commitment to contributing actively to Inside Out’s events and workshops demonstrates their dedication to empowering creative leaders and fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

By sharing their knowledge and insights, Filter aims to enable Inside Out members to unlock their full potential and drive their businesses forward in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As the partnership unfolds, it is expected that the Inside Out Community will also serve as a source of inspiration for Filter. Being part of a vibrant community of creative minds will help Filter stay on top of industry trends and gain valuable feedback that can shape their future digital solutions.

We are thrilled to be a partner of the Inside Out Community, as it aligns perfectly with our mission to empower individuals and foster meaningful connections. Through this partnership, we look forward to supporting the personal growth of members and making a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Oliver Morrison

CEO, Filter


The strategic partnership between Filter and the Inside Out Community holds great promise for enhancing creativity, innovation and technological prowess in the marketing and creative spheres.

By embracing the power of synergy, Filter and Inside Out are poised to create an environment where creativity flourishes and will surely lead to groundbreaking advancements in the digital world.

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