Migrating To WordPress: A New Website For Homeprotect

Homeprotect approached Filter with a specific project: to revamp and migrate their previous website.

Migrating To WordPress

Homeprotect, a specialist home insurance provider, embarked on a transformative journey with Filter to enhance its online presence and support its ambitious growth targets.

The challenges faced by Homeprotect with their previous website were multifaceted, prompting the consideration of a migration.

Recognising the need for a more versatile platform, they enlisted our team to re-platform their website to WordPress. Focusing on optimising and future-proofing their digital offering to enhance their customers’ experience.

Migrating To WordPress

An evaluation of Homeprotect’s current resources highlighted the need for a more streamlined solution for other essential business elements, to compliment their existing decoupled tech solutions.

Together, we made the strategic decision to migrate their current website to the world-renowned WordPress platform. WordPress is the leading CMS, empowering 40% of all websites online today.

There are many benefits to utilising the WordPress platform, such as:

  • user-friendly interface and easy maintenance
  • limitless possibilities with plugins and themes
  • easy to use built-in SEO features
  • community support and resources
  • a variety of accessibility features
  • flexibility and adaptability for growth potential

By choosing WordPress, Homeprotect’s team secured an agile and efficient website management system that aligns seamlessly with their customer-centric objectives and ambitious growth plans.

Fast-Tracking The Website Build In 5 Weeks

With a tight deadline driven by new regulations coming into effect for the financial services industry in the UK, the project required a swift and strategic approach to ensure the new website’s launch by mid-June 2023.

In addition to regulatory compliance, Homeprotect aimed to improve its Core Web Vitals, site performance, and accessibility on both mobile and desktop.

Filter, working closely with Homeprotect’s team, fast-tracked the website build in just 5 weeks, aligning with the company’s recent rebrand and creating a functional and sophisticated website that was fully aligned with their new identity.

Thorough collaboration during the Discovery Phase ensured that the specific requirements were well-documented, expediting the Design & Build Phase execution. The seamless handover to the Homeprotect marketing team was facilitated by a robust QA phase, with ongoing support from the Filter team.

Looking For A New CMS?

Find out more about the benefits of migrating your website to WordPress.

Exceeding Expectations With Core Web Vitals

One of the key achievements after launching the new Homeportect website was the remarkable improvement in Core Web Vitals, with mobile performance increasing from 86 to an impressive 97.

If you’re unfamiliar, Core Web Vitals are a set of specific website performance metrics that were originally introduced by Google to assess the overall user experience on a webpage. These metrics focus on three key aspects: loading speed, interactivity and visual stability.

Accessibility, a primary project goal, saw a remarkable transformation, soaring from a score of 70 to a perfect 100 on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Implementing optimisation techniques and prioritising accessibility features, Filter ensured a seamless and inclusive user experience across all devices.

It’s been two months since we launched the new site and we’ve seen a +25% increase in our conversion rate and a huge increase in load speed across both mobile and desktop. Our new website is now more accessible (AA standard) for those looking for specialist home insurance. And our new and improved navigation means fewer people search for things like ‘login’ since the button is now so easy to find.

Libby Goodsearles

Head of Marketing, Homeprotect

The Right Host For Performance

When it came to choosing a hosting platform, Avantia Insurance, Homeprotect’s parent company, already had an established relationship with WP Engine.

The objective was to maintain the seamless collaboration between Homeprotect and WP Engine, building upon the familiarity and success of their existing partnership within the Avantia Insurance umbrella.

This decision aimed to ensure a smooth transition to the new website while benefiting from the reliability and performance associated with WP Engine hosting.


Filter’s efficient process and expertise led to a seamless migration and launch. The website’s enhanced performance, combined with improved accessibility through the capabilities of WordPress, has strategically positioned Homeprotect for ongoing expansion and prosperity within the fiercely competitive UK home insurance sector.

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