Improving Customer Experiences

TeamSport turned to Filter’s strategy team to help devise a new layer of customer data and marketing automation. The ultimate goal being a better experience from the very first touchpoint to long lasting customer relations.

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TeamSport is the number 1 provider of indoor karting within the UK. Providing an excellent customer experience on and off the track has always been at the heart of the business and as the company grows, the leadership team set a goal to better understand their customers and take control of their communication technology.


The existing TeamSport website was just one of many touchpoints burdened by performance issues. The business knew it had to provide an optimised user experience to attract and retain customers. Before that experience could be designed, a fundamental layer of customer data technology needed to be established.

Before devising a solution, the consultancy team at Filter initiated a planning phase, during which 3 primary tasks were addressed:

  • Discovery & Research: to find out more about the existing systems in place (website, booking engine, communication engine), including data models, CRM triggers and integration points 
  • CDP Selection: to engage with a range of Customer Data Platform suppliers to define requirements and functionality for TeamSport and deliver a recommended supplier that could be integrated into the business 
  • CRM & Campaign Planning: to develop a set of user personas, segments and campaign ideas and to transform them into a structured set of campaigns to run throughout the course of 22/23
TeamSport Website
TeamSport Persona

Strategy Outcomes

During a subsequent playback session Filter illustrated how a Custom Data Platform would provide crucial data organisation and automated workflows to simplify TeamSport’s daily communications.

A number of persona profiles were carefully crafted based on existing customers and their motivations, goals, challenges and influences. These persons would eventually go on to provide vital information for the optimal customer journey. 

Choosing the right Customer Data Platform

The Filter strategy team evaluated a number of CDP solutions, recording their pros & cons and ultimate suitability. The findings concluded whilst there were many options available, one particular provider scored highest. 

The Bloomreach platform is a single solution that combines the power of a CDP with marketing automation, plus artificial intelligence and personalisation for good measure. With client’s like M&S, Puma and Bosch, the platform proved to have the right level of stability and security. Other advantages included, no need for developers, app and web messaging support and advanced list segmentation.  

With the knowledge of what drives the customer (pun intended) our team were able to devise a series of automated communications for TeamSport covering various touchpoints and channels, all resulting in a coherent brand experience.

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CDP vendors

Optimising the Booking Process

Particular attention was paid to ensuring the booking process was as smooth as possible. Again our team looped back to the CDP requirements, knowing that customer data was key to understanding how to make a better online experience. Examples of changes to the booking process included:

Change special occasion text field to a dropdown of static types (i.e. family trip, birthday, party, corporate, stag/hen etc)

Add a dropdown to ask ‘Have you raced before?’

These minor changes have big potential to impact future sales and proved to be a valuable insight into why customers choose TeamSport.


In order to improve the overall customer experience, our team also put forward options for personalisation technology. Our very own WP-DXP plugin for WordPress offers the ability to target customers by location, new or returning visitor and by their desired event type. For effectively zero investment, this could add a new tier of capabilities, such as showing users promotional offers for their second or third visit.

TeamSport Website


TeamSport now has the blueprint to deliver optimal customer journey’s, prioritising usability and communication flows for both their customers and the marketing team. The plan allows for a seamless and automated omni-channel setup to enhance the customer experience and TeamSport business performance.

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