We believe our innovation comes from our ability to simplify and have developed our offering to cover a selection of specialist services, reflecting our expertise and capability.

Strategy & Consultancy

We provide industry-leading expertise to support you to realise your digital vision, bound only by the extent of your ambition.

Whether your goals include increasing leads, revenue or engagement, we implement effective digital strategy including consideration to business, people and technology requirements.

UX & UI Design

Our UX and UI design services are all about elevating user experiences and optimising interfaces. We focus on creating designs that engage users, ensuring seamless navigation and intuitive interactions. With our expertise, your digital presence transforms into a user-centric platform, leaving a lasting impression.

WordPress Development

With a wealth of expertise in WordPress website design, we excel at crafting digital solutions that make a lasting impact. Our designs are tailored to captivate your audience, ensuring seamless user experiences and intuitive navigation. We take pride in transforming your online presence into a visually appealing and user-friendly platform, helping you achieve your online goals effectively.

Enterprise WordPress

We have a strong background working with WordPress on an enterprise-level, we are also a WordPress VIP Silver Partner. The platform is simple enough for anyone to use, agile enough to adapt to change and to meet your customers wherever they are.

WordPress Ecommerce Agency London - House of Garrard

Multilingual WordPress Development

With our deep expertise in Multilingual WordPress Development, we specialize in crafting websites that transcend language barriers. Our solutions ensure a seamless, localised user experience that engages global audiences. From design to functionality, we tailor every aspect to create multilingual websites that make a lasting impression and connect you with a worldwide audience.

Custom WordPress Development

With a wealth of experience in WordPress development, we understand the power of personalising your website to resonate with your audience. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering tailor-made solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Whether you’re a business, individual, or organisation, our expertise in WordPress empowers us to create websites that perfectly align with your unique vision.


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