The best way to add Personalisation to your WordPress site experience with the Gutenberg Editor.


PersonalizeWP is a plugin that allows you to start using WordPress as a digital experience platform, adding personalisation and conditional rules to the content that your users see and can interact with.

PersonalizeWP allows content editors to compete with commercial enterprise platforms by personalising your WordPress pages to display relevant content to users on the website.

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Rules out of the box

For quick and easy set up, you can choose to use predefined rules straight out of the box:

  • If a user is logged in or not
  • The user is, or is not, from a specific country
  • When a certain amount of time has passed
  • The type of device used to access the site
  • If it is a particular time of day

Location Targeting

Target content depending on where the visitor is accessing the website from.

New vs Returning Users

Choose to show or hide content blocks to new or returning visitors, this could be used to offer a discount code to encourage a returning visitor to make a purchase.

User is Logged In

Target users based on whether they are logged into the website or not.

Device Targeting

Target content blocks towards visitors using a specific device. For example you could choose to show content relevant to iOS users when they are visiting your website.

Custom Dates & Times

Choose to show/hide content blocks during a particular date range or on specific dates/times, for example during a promotional sale period or to showcase opening hours.

Query String Data

This rule can be used to target query string information, usually found within the URL. This could be useful to target search terms and offer information/offers on a particular product or style.

Time Spent on Page

Choose to show or hide content blocks depending on how long the visitor has been on the website/page.

Cookie Values

Show or hide content based on the value of cookies within the page or website. This rule will be useful to target visitors who have shown an interest in a specific product.

User Roles

Users can show/hide content depending on the visitors role in relation to the website.

Get Started and personalise your site

Installation is free, quick, and easy via the WordPress Plugin directory

Apply rules using Gutenberg

The Gutenberg Editor has transformed building pages, adding content and managing blocks.

With PersonalizeWP use the Gutenberg Editor, select which rules are used on each block and choose the action of whether to hide or display the block.

Cached Site Usage

The plugin now offers personalisation blocks for sites with caching in place.

You can show or hide blocks for each user, even when the page is fully cached.

Watch our lightning talk at WordCamp Europe 2022

This years conference took place in Portugal and featured a variety of excellent speakers from all over the globe, including our very own CTO, Paul Halfpenny. Please note: at this time, the plugin was called WP-DXP, it has now been renamed to PersonalizeWP.

Frequently asked questions

PersonalizeWP is a WordPress plugin designed to add personalisation features and options.

It follows similar principles to Enterprise platforms such as Episerver/Optimizely and Sitecore and works in conjunction with the Gutenberg block editor to provide a simple and clear pathway to this functionality for content authors and admins.
You can use PersonalizeWP to personalise content to your users, based on actions that they have taken, or criteria such as which countries they are accessing your site from.

You can add your own rules, based on a set of conditions, and then apply those to any blocks you wish.

Available rules out of the box include the ability to show or hide blocks if:

  • The user is logged in or not

  • The user is, or is not, from a specific country

  • When a certain amount of time has passed

  • The user is new to the site or is returning

  • Users are using a mobile, tablet or desktop device

  • A user is visiting at a specific time or period of the day

Once you have the plugin installed and activated, a PersonalizeWP option will appear in the Block Settings sidebar in the Gutenberg Editor when you are editing a block. Within this, you will be given the choice to choose a rule and determine an action if that rule is met.

For instance, you may wish to add a content block with a message that is only shown to the user if they come from a particular country, or if they have purchased a product from your store. Feel free to play around and let us know if you think what more we could add as default rules out of the box.
The actions you can take when a rule is met, are currently limited to Show or Hide a block. However, we will be adding new actions in a future release.

The plugin does not work with the Classic Block – which is due to be deprecated. You can use the Convert to Blocks feature to transform the Classic Block into independent Gutenberg blocks, which you can then use to take advantage of PersonalizeWP.
We will always have a free version of the plugin, but in the future, it is likely that we will add a Pro version which will offer additional features.

At this stage, we cannot tell you what these features will be or how much it will cost, but anything included in the Free version of the plugin will be free forever.

We have an internal roadmap that we are using to develop new features – including additional rules, A-B Testing, profile scoring features, and integration with other plugins and commercial platforms.
We will also be developing new conditions and pre-built rules and exploring how we can provide detailed reporting. If you have any suggestions on what we should consider adding, please feel free to get in touch using the details in the Support and Feedback section below.

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