The Marketer’s Guide to Web Security

Find out how to improve your website security, without sacrificing website performance or user experience.

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Our collaboration with WordPress VIP highlights the pivotal role of robust web security in safeguarding assets and maintaining trust. This guide empowers enterprises with vital tools for digital resilience.

Si Cooke

Head of Business Development

Is your website secure?

Around 60% of UK businesses have experienced a security breach or cyber attack within the last 12 months. If your website is not secure, both your company and customer data could be vulnerable.

Safeguarding data prevents unauthorised access and protects sensitive information. It also ensures the reliability of your website, maintaining its availability to users without interruptions due to security breaches.

Additionally, a secure website fosters trust among visitors, enhancing the overall reputation of the business and potentially increasing customer loyalty.

Collaborating with WordPress VIP

To make sure we provide the best possible insights relating to security, specifically relating to WordPress websites, we have collaborated with the industry experts at WordPress VIP.

WordPress VIP combines the ease and flexibility of WordPress—the CMS that runs 43% of the web—with unmatched scalability and security for the enterprise. Their solutions are trusted by iconic media titans, major brands and government agencies.

As a WordPress VIP agency partner, we knew they were the best possible partner for this resource for enterprise businesses.

Actionable insights

Within this eBook, you will find over 15 actionable tips and tricks to help you improve your website security, without spending a fortune or having to overhaul your whole platform.

We have provided information and insights on a variety of approaches, including relevant topics, common questions and business concerns from real-world scenarios.

As a trusted digital technical partner to a range of different enterprise organisations, we were able to pull from our wealth of experience to outline common security threats, the best solutions to utilise and more.

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