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Filter specialise in secure WordPress development and custom third party integrations


Filter are a leading remote-first WordPress development agency. We’ve been delivering sites and custom projects on WordPress since it’s inception, and have multiple years of experience delivering high-quality projects for companies of all sizes. As our partnerships with leading hosting companies such as WordPress VIP and WP Engine show, we’re able to provide secure, scalable platforms that can grow with you.

WordPress Development

As a WP Engine Strategic Partner, we know how to develop for WordPress and deliver performant, scalable solutions that can grow alongside you. Whether you have experience with the WordPress web development process – or are new to the game – Filter can help to guide you every step of the way.

We provide solutions for every size and shape of business – from startups to enterprise – and we can help you to achieve your goals, whether that is a new website, replatforming from a different CMS such as Sitecore or Drupal, or developing a custom product.

Our expertise covers a wide range of needs from user authentication, data and CRM integration to multisite networks, multilingual and location-specific content, to ecommerce, search and pesonalization.

And because of our experience in mobile and app development, we’re also positioned to understand how to integrate WordPress into a composable stack and use it to deliver headless, omnichannel content that can be distributed across multiple front-end platforms.

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Enterprise WordPress

If you’re a business that runs at scale, then you have a need for increased performance, flexible content architectures, robust security provisions, and enhanced compliance and governance.

Filter partners with WordPress VIP to deliver comprehensive, scalable and secure solutions that empower teams to create better content and compelling digital experiences, through the use of generative AI, personalisation, content analytics and search.

Building on open-source technology like WordPress means that you avoid vendor lock-in whilst maintaining the ability to use a content platform that fits seamlessly into your composable stack.

With Filter’s keen eye on your Core Web Vitals, accessibility, and hosting, you’ll be free to grow your enterprise as you need.

Multilingual WordPress

WordPress benefits from an ecosystem approach to translation and localisation with sophisticated integrations that reflect the different scenarios and workflows associated with multilingual publishing.

Filter’s experience in delivering localised content for clients such as Medivet, Crystal Palace, Ennismore and Garrard means that we can understand the requirements of global content teams, and how the languages impact search engine optimisation and reputation for brands.

By removing barriers for marketing teams to work at speed we can provide content editors with the freedom and flexibility to use tools that work best for their particular locality, taking advantage of automated translation engines and AI to deliver improvements in time to market and speed of delivery.

Headless WordPress

If your project needs to create and manage content across every device and channel you target, Filter can help you with a headless WordPress solution where the editing of content is decoupled from the display to the end user.

Rather than being locked into a single architectural choice, using headless, we can deliver a flexible model that could bridge both headless and hybrid as needed.

The block-based WordPress approach provides full flexibility over how content is managed and edited, and Filter’s experience in delivering REST, Graph and Block APIs at scale and single-page applications using React and NextJS means that we can provide a solution that allows teams to work independently whilst retaining control.

How Homeprotect migrated to a custom WordPress solution

We worked with the Homeprotect team to migrate their existing website to WordPress. Our CMS rebuild gave their marketing team the flexibility and ease of an intuitive editing experience to continually optimise their evolving website.


WordPress’ open-source foundations mean you have access to WooCommerce – an e-commerce platform that offers seamless integration with the CMS, and can scale as your business grows.

As a WooCommerce Agency Partner, Filter knows how to create an agile, content-driven commerce platform that integrates with back-end ERP and stock management platforms, whilst providing the features that customers expect on the front-end.

And if the default settings don’t meet your needs, the WooCommerce ecosystem also provides a wide range of extensions for every use case, meaning that you won’t be left behind when your competitors make a step change.

Provide a global storefront for your products (digital or physical) that works across borders, support flexible subscriptions and take payments via one of over 140 payment gateways, all whilst customising your checkout flow and store UX to meet your needs.

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Custom WordPress Development

We know how flexible and extendable WordPress is, which means that you can use it for almost any type of project or idea you have in mind.

Whether you want to use WordPress to create a SaaS service, a membership community, educational training courses, an online marketplace or to act as a bridge between third-party applications, there are many examples of WordPress being used to deliver on the needs of businesses where other platforms can’t.

Filter can take you from conception to execution, working with you through our discovery process to understand the outcomes you want, and setting a path to get us there. At the end of the project, you will own the Intellectual Property (IP) and have complete control over the functionality you need for your project.

We’ve worked with businesses such as JD Wetherspoon, Medivet, Thistle and Crystal Palace FC on their own custom WordPress development projects – are you ready to join them?

WordPress Support & Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive WordPress support and maintenance service for all the sites that we develop. This includes maintaining the latest WordPress core version and updating plugins to ensure optimal functionality and security.

With a Service Level Agreement in place, you can promptly notify our Support team about urgent requests, knowing you will receive a swift response.

The support team handles WordPress hosting environment setup and management, providing a seamless and reliable online presence. This commitment ensures that all our clients’ websites remain up-to-date, secure, and high-performing, granting you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is favorable for SEO due to its search engine-friendly structure. It generates clean and efficient code, aiding search engines in indexing content swiftly. Its user-friendly interface encourages the creation of SEO-friendly content, like meta tags and descriptions. Moreover, the availability of numerous SEO plugins, like Yoast SEO, empowers businesses to optimise individual pages easily.

Additionally, WordPress’s responsive design and mobile-friendly themes enhance site performance across devices, a crucial factor in SEO ranking. Its regular updates also ensure security and better SEO practices. These attributes collectively make WordPress a solid choice for boosting your website’s search engine visibility.
Gutenberg is the modern block editor introduced in WordPress 5.0. It revolutionises content creation by using blocks—individual components—for text, images, multimedia, and more. This visual approach simplifies layout and design, enabling users to build dynamic and engaging web pages without needing extensive technical skills.
Yes – Customising the WordPress backend structure is achievable either through custom code or plugins designed to offer extra functionality. If your site has an unusual set of content, WordPress is the ideal platform on which to build your infrastructure. Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies can be combined to cater for almost any business model.

It’s also possible personalise the dashboard layout, add custom widgets, change colors, and even incorporate branding elements, tailoring the admin interface to match specific preferences and branding requirements.
We have an internal UX and UI Design team. This allow us to take web projects from concept all the way through to development, launch and support. 80%+ of our sites are designed by the in-house design team.
We currently work with a Time & Materials costing model, matching design, development and project management resources to the project scope. To provide an accurate cost estimate on a website project, it’s crucial we fully understand the requirements in fine detail. To do this, Filter always runs a Discovery phase at a fixed fee. The Discovery is designed to surface all the requirements, including user journeys, functional and non-functional specification. At the same time we produce wireframes and UI designs. The resulting output is a definition document with your full scope and a set of hi-fidelity designs, to which we can apply an accurate cost estimate for the build. It’s best to think of this process as developing architects blueprints before building a house.
Filter are WordPress and App development specialist, as such our technology skills can be applied to almost any industry. We often find that transferring tech knowledge from one industry to another gives our clients a competitive advantage. However, we do have more experience in some industries than others, these include:
Yes. We prefer engaging with clients right from concept to launch. This involves us leading the initial discovery, creating UX wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity UI designs before development. However, Filter is open-minded and respects design partners. We’ve achieved success partnering with in-house UX, design teams, and creative agencies. While we’re open to collaboration, professionalism is essential to maintain uncompromised quality.
Transformational work comes from collaboration

Interested in working with us? We’d love to hear from you.

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