Transforming Content Management: Tomorrow’s Guides Embraces Decoupled Tech

Tomorrow’s Guides sought to optimise content management and user experience by utilising decoupled tech and WordPress Multisite, the Filter team revolutionised their approach, empowered their content team and elevated their digital presence.

WordPress Development

Tomorrow’s Guides stand as a prominent publishing powerhouse in the UK, boasting three thriving branded websites:, and

Navigating a dual audience, Tomorrow’s Guides cater to both care providers seeking listings and promotional insights and compassionate care seekers meticulously browsing through their directories to fulfil their specific needs.

These individual brands are characterised by a universal style with a colour-coded system but they each cater to a segment of their audience.

Project Overview

Amidst their remarkable success, Tomorrow’s Guides encountered a unique challenge when their content and marketing teams sought to elevate the quality of their content pages and harness the power of inbound marketing strategies.

The integrated nature of their existing platform proved to be a double-edged sword. While it provided consistency and a unified interface, it also meant that any content-related enhancements or optimisations needed involvement from the product development team, causing delays and hindering the content team’s agility.

Recognising the importance of the efficiency and long term sustainability, the decision-makers at Tomorrow’s Guides approached the experienced team at Filter to combat this challenge and find the right solution.

Our Proposed Solution

Eager to unlock the boundless creativity of the Tomorrow’s Guides content team and simplify their process, the dedicated team at Filter got to work on a dynamic and effective solution.

After exploring different options, both teams collectively decided to adopt decoupled technology and integrate a secondary CMS solely for content management, to maintain a smooth user experience.

With this implementation, the content and marketing teams would be liberated from the constraints of the primary platform. This newfound freedom would allow them to harness the power of WordPress, to craft captivating content and showcase valuable resources for their dual audience.

This approach, coupled with the use of WordPress Multisite made for an effective digital solution that would vastly improve their content management process.

Our Approach & Technology

Decoupled Technology Implementation: to empower the content team, the Filter team employed a secondary CMS for the care advice section of each individual brand/website. By utilising decoupled tech and a reverse proxy domain configuration, the content team were able to gain the freedom to use the world’s best CMS, WordPress, for publishing content without relying on the main product platform. The reverse proxy ensures that users experience a seamless transition

Universal Implementation: we successfully implemented the decoupled technology solution for all three brands. Despite managing three different websites, the Filter team ensured that all websites were fully functional and retained their existing user base, with no loss of traffic.

WordPress Multisite: to enable maximum efficiency, we collectively decided to manage all three brands from a single WordPress installation, which provided a variety of benefits including streamlined support, simplified maintenance, cost savings and more.

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After successfully working with the team at Tomorrow’s Guides, the Filter team were able to liberate the TG content team, providing a significant boost in productivity and more creative freedom. This allows the team to publish engaging content more effectively, without relying on the TG product development team for each individual update.

By using the reverse proxy domain configuration, the Filter team were able to provide a more seamless user experience for TG’s dual audience. For example, integrating the decoupled CMS into the main website means that users browsing the care advice section remain unaware that it operates on a different CMS.

Centralising the management of the three different brands with WordPress Multisite helped to improve the efficiency of ongoing support and future updates, resulting in reduced operational costs and enhanced scalability.

Truly great experience working with Filter. Every team member had exceptional knowledge in their field. We felt that they understood what we were trying to achieve from the start of the project and further demonstrated this through requirements gathering and delivery. They delivered quality throughout and we are very pleased with our new content pages.

Daniel Coleman

Product Manager, Tomorrow’s Guides


Our experienced team were able to successfully empower the Tomorrow’s Guides content team through the implementation of extremely valuable digital solutions. Providing them with the creative freedom they were looking for and the ability to use the world’s best CMS for publishing content, WordPress.

Additionally, the decoupled CMS ensures a consistent and uninterrupted user experience for both care providers and care seekers alike. The decision to manage all three brands using WordPress Multisite further enhances the overall efficiency, reduces operational costs and simplifies the maintenance process.

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