What does Headless mean?

Our team have put together an informative resource article explaining what we mean by ‘headless’ and how it could help you achieve your business goals.

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One of our previous articles explains exactly what a ‘Headless’ solution is and the benefits of utilising this approach.

“A headless model provides a far more efficient approach by populating pre-existing templates of the pages of your digital products with content, rather than having to build those pages in its own back-end as well. The CMS then uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to transmit the content your end-user has requested to whichever device or channel they’re using.”

With the increasing need to take a multi-channel approach, a Headless solution can enable your business to engage with customers across a wide range of devices using one back-end CMS.
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What is ‘headless’ and why might you need it?

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