How to Manage Multiple Websites

In this article, we provide an insight on how to effectively manage multiple websites at once.

Segmenting your audience can be a great way to increase sales opportunities or focus more specifically on a particular market. You may want to do this by creating new brands with their own communications strategy and of course, their own website(s).

A useful tool to manage a network of websites in one place is WordPress Multisite. Using this feature, you are able to manage different WordPress websites from one central dashboard.

Whether you have 2 sites or 200 sites to manage, this can save so much time. Instead of having to log into each individual website account, you can log into your main WordPress account and easily switch between your different sites via a dropdown menu.

WordPress Multisite, allows for running multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard, making it possible to utilise the same blocks across different sites, with the flexibility to customise colours and content to give each brand a unique look and feel.

Multisite allows you to assign different admin controls to each website on the network whilst managing updates with a single master installation.

WordPress Multisite has a wide range of benefits, including the possibility of introducing multilingual options for your audience.

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