WordPress Multisite


Managing multiple websites in one easy CMS solution


To put it simply, WordPress Multisite allows you to create a network of various different websites.

Then you can conveniently access them all from a singular WordPress dashboard.

Key Features of WordPress Multisite

Your multisite network can be managed by one super admin or you can give access to a team of people to manage each individual website within the network.

All websites within your multisite network share the same theme and any active plugins. This makes it a great solution if you have a group of websites which are somehow related to each other.

Why Is It A Good Choice?

Using WordPress Multisite has a variety of benefits, it’s definitely a good choice if you need to create an efficient way of managing a selection of websites. You are able to access a central place where you can install relevant updates, plugins and use a specific theme.

Taking this approach can save time within your team and it can also make it easier to delegate website maintenance tasks.

Who Is Using It?

Some notable users of WordPress Multisite according to elegantthemes.com are Edublogs, BBC America, Courvoisier, The New York Times and others.

BBC America uses WP Multisite to create and manage websites for each one of its projects/shows. ‘Each mini site uses a child theme, all of which are powered by a single, main framework’.

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