Building Connections and Showcasing Innovation at WordCamp Europe 2024

Hear from our Head of Client Services, Rachel Berry, and other team members about their experience at the esteemed international WordPress conference.

WordCamp Europe 2024 marked a significant milestone for Filter, serving as a great opportunity to showcase our innovative personalisation plugin for WordPress, PersonalizeWP.

WCEU24 not only provided us with a prime opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of PersonalizeWP but also allowed us to engage directly with the dynamic WordPress community.

Rachel Berry (Head of Client Services), Allie Tupper (Project Manager), Char Bryce (Account Manager), and several team members played a crucial role in representing Filter at the event. Their experiences and insights underscored the importance of forging meaningful connections and exploring new partnerships in the bustling city of Turin.

Showcasing PersonalizeWP

At WordCamp Europe 2024, our team proudly showcased PersonalizeWP, our innovative WordPress personalisation plugin that has just undergone a significant update with exciting new features.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response to the formal launch of our plugin and we were excited to see so many like-minded WordPress enthusiasts visit our booth and discuss how PersonalizeWP could help them enhance their WordPress website.

Throughout the event, our team members (including Allie, Char & Rachel), took turns between speaker sessions to engage with a diverse range of attendees – from fellow WordPress enthusiasts to professionals representing various backgrounds and organisations. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with such a wide variety of people, discussing how PersonalizeWP could optimise their WordPress websites.

Fostering Meaningful Connections

Hosting the PersonalizeWP booth was a fantastic experience for Rachel, who thrives on meeting new people. Her passion for building relationships was evident as she made lots of valuable connections with attendees.

For instance, during a bike tour around Turin on her final day, Rachel met the Melapress team and discovered that one of their staff lived just a few streets down from her old flat in Leith. She also connected with a development plugin partner from Malta who lives on the same street as her cousin’s tattoo shop in Mosta.

While overseeing the PersonalizeWP booth, Char, our Account Manager, attended speaker sessions alongside other Filter team members to explore their skills and interests. Immersing herself in these sessions, she gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of their day-to-day roles and skillsets.

These moments of connection made the world feel wonderfully small and underscored the power of networking at such events.

Discover PersonalizeWP Version 2.2

In the same week as WCEU, we released the latest version of PersonalizeWP for the WordPress Block Editor. Introducing valuable new features such as password protection, individual user targeting, WS Form integration and more to help you personalise your website.

Networking Highlights

The networking events at WordCamp Europe 2024 were a significant highlight for Rachel and the Filter team. At the Human Made / Big Bite party, Rachel connected with the Canadian agency, Trew Knowledge, who were attending their first WordCamp Europe event. She also reconnected with old colleagues and met Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt from Emilia Capital, who are key PersonalizeWP investors.

The WP Engine event the following night was equally fruitful for expanding our network. Rachel connected with a developer from Maleka Designs, a US-based company. This developer was attending her first WordCamp alone, seeking to make connections with like-minded members of the WordPress community, just like the rest of us.

The highlight of the evening was spending time with the team from Indigo Tree, especially Kelly Wilson, Rachel’s fellow Client Services Director.

Building Stronger Professional Relationships

As WP Engine’s EMEA Agency Partner of the Year for 2024, our meetings with Fabio Torlini (SVP & Managing Director International at WP Engine) and Marcus Alter from WP Engine, along with Jodie Fiorenze from WordPress VIP, were immensely valuable. These interactions provided a unique opportunity to strengthen professional relationships and advocate for Filter’s goals.

Our team reconnected with old friends and built exciting new relationships. As a fully remote international team, we always enjoy the chance to get together in person at conferences like WordCamp Europe. It’s a great opportunity for some good old-fashioned team bonding!

Our Project Manager, Allie Tupper, enjoyed reuniting with friends from WCEU 2023 and forging new connections. A standout moment for her was meeting the legendary Michelle Frechette. They even took a selfie together for Michelle’s #MichelleAndMe campaign, where she collaborated with WSForm to help fund underrepresented speakers and organisers to attend future WordCamps.


Overall, we had an amazing time at WordCamp Europe 2024! We were thrilled to see an overwhelmingly positive response to our personalisation plugin, PersonalizeWP and we built some very meaningful connections.

The chance encounters, networking events, and in-person meetings highlighted the importance of these gatherings in fostering relationships, both old and new.

If you’d like to find out more about PersonalizeWP or if you’d like to work with us in the future, please make sure to fill in the form below. To hear more insights from Rachel herself, you can connect with her directly via LinkedIn.

Joy Clarke

Marketing Manager

Joy is Filter’s voice to the outside world, developing our content and marketing strategies, and communicating the great work that we do to the widest audience. Joy manages our website content, social media channels, resource centre, the UnFILTERed video podcast series, our Enterprise Guide eBook series and every aspect of our marketing activity.

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