UnFILTERed: Two Must-Listen Podcast Episodes for Enterprise Businesses

In case you missed it, we recently started a video podcast called UnFILTERed where we explore the most important topics in the digital space.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, keeping pace with industry trends and innovations is paramount for businesses striving for success.

Here at Filter, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of UnFILTERed, our very own video podcast featuring co-hosts Paul Halfpenny (CTO of Filter) and Nathan Wrigley of WP Builds.

Each episode will be dedicated to delivering crucial insights and expertise tailored to enterprise-level businesses.

With two engaging episodes already available, we’re well on our way to establishing UnFILTERed as a key resource for those looking to optimise their digital strategies.

Episode #1 – Personalisation in WordPress

Our first episode featured Paul and Nathan discussing the topic of personalisation within WordPress.

In this episode, we delve into the significance of creating personalised digital experiences for users. Paul shares valuable insights on harnessing the power of WordPress to achieve this goal effectively. From dynamic content to user-centric design, Paul provides actionable takeaways that enterprise-level businesses can implement to enhance their online presence.

The Marketer’s Guide To Personalisation

We recently released our second guide in our Enterprise Series, The Marketer’s Guide To Personalisation. This guide explores the evolution of personalisation and why it’s essential to business success.

Episode #2 – Web Accessibility

Our second episode features Lucy Collins, Director of Web Usability (one of our trusted accessibility partners) and focuses on the important topic of accessibility online.

Lucy’s episode serves as a wake-up call for businesses aiming to create online spaces that are accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. UnFILTERed explores various facets of web accessibility, from compliance with international standards to enhancing user experiences and the positive impact of accessible design on a brand’s reputation.

The Marketer’s Guide to Web Accessibility

If you’re looking to learn more about web accessibility, our free enterprise series guide is a great place to start!

Both episodes of UnFILTERed are available for viewing on the Filter YouTube channel now.

For those seeking quick insights, shorter clips from the episodes can be found on our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. These clips offer a glimpse into the wealth of information covered in the full-length episodes, making it easy for busy professionals to access relevant content on the go.

UnFILTERed is an exciting new project for us and we really hope our collective insights will resonate with enterprise businesses who are seeking information to optimise their digital offering. We’ve got some amazing guests lined up and we can’t wait to record more in the near future!

Paul Halfpenny

CTO & Founder, Filter


UnFILTERed is more than just a podcast; it’s a valuable resource for enterprise-level businesses looking to optimise their digital strategies.

With expert guests, insightful discussions, and a commitment to inclusivity, UnFILTERed is a must-watch for anyone aiming to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Tune in and stay ahead of the curve with us!

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