New Enterprise Series Guide: The Marketer’s Guide to Sustainability

We’re proud to announce that our latest Enterprise Series guide is available now, focusing on the important topic of digital sustainability in collaboration with Kanoppi.

At Filter, we take our role as a trusted digital partner for businesses seriously. That’s why we’ve developed another valuable Enterprise Series Guide focusing on the topic of digital sustainability.

Sustainability should be a pressing concern for every modern business and it’s time to take action – The Marketer’s Guide to Sustainability is a great place to start.

Created in collaboration with the industry experts behind Kanoppi, our newest guide provides key insights, helpful tips and valuable information.

Our latest Enterprise Series Guide serves as an ideal starting point for businesses, offering straightforward, easy-to-digest insights into the benefits and challenges of digital sustainability.

Created in collaboration with sustainability experts at Kanoppi, this guide represents our commitment to learning and growing in this crucial area, harnessing the expertise of their team to create a resource that not only informs but also inspires actionable steps toward a greener digital footprint.

Paul Halfpenny

CTO, Filter

The Importance of Digital Sustainability

Did you know, if everyone in the UK sent one less email per day, we’d save around 16,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly equal to 81,000 flights from London to Madrid.

Sustainability in the digital space isn’t just a trend – it’s a strategic advantage. From improved website performance to elevated revenue streams, the benefits are compelling.

By embracing sustainable practices, businesses can optimise their online presence, reduce carbon footprints and attract eco-conscious consumers.

Empowering Sustainability

As leaders gather at COP28, the United Nations’ pivotal climate change conference, there is a global spotlight on the urgent need for sustainability. The Marketer’s Guide to Sustainability serves as a blueprint for businesses seeking to make a tangible difference.

Our guide aims to empower businesses to not just embrace sustainability but also to take advantage of the many benefits that come with it such as improved website performance and increased conversions.

Take a crucial step towards reducing your carbon footprint and position your business as a driver of positive change in a world that is increasingly prioritising sustainability. Access the guide today and propel your business towards a greener, more responsible future amidst the discussions and decisions made at COP28.

Collaborating with Kanoppi

Kanoppi, established in 2023 by Louise Towler, is a remarkable WordPress extension designed to aid website owners in continually measuring and reducing their site’s carbon footprint.

Louise Towler, also Managing Director of WordPress agency Indigo Tree, brings over three decades of expertise in software and website development. Her passion for integrating technology, sustainability, and business excellence drives Kanoppi’s ethos.

Its core values emphasise future investment, innovative problem-solving, and inclusivity in both product development and team culture. Beyond its practical use, this extension embodies a holistic commitment to sustainability, aligning with broader environmental goals.

The Marketers Guide to Sustainability

Download our FREE guide to digital sustainability to access key insights, created in collaboration with the industry experts behind Kanoppi.

Make sure to download our extensive guide to digital sustainability today and gain valuable insights, improve your carbon output as well as your websites performance.

No matter your size, status or sector, our expertise can help you to level up your digital presence.

Our resource centre is home to a wide range of helpful insights on a number of important digital topics like sustainability, website performance, personalisation, accessibility and more.

Having worked in agencies since he left university, Paul drives both the technical output at Filter, as well as being responsible for planning. His key strengths are quickly understanding client briefs and being able to communicate complex solutions in a clear and simple manner.

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