What’s New With Our WP-DXP Plugin?

The Filter team have a respected track record for providing outstanding digital solutions, we have a wide range of expertise across a variety of different areas, including WordPress.

In June 2020, we launched a new plugin for WordPress called WP-DXP. We have continued to develop this useful plugin and it can now be used to add personalisation aspects to your WordPress website.

When maintaining any modern WordPress website, you will most likely be using the Gutenberg block editor. By implementing our free WP-DXP plugin, users will be able to apply personalisation and conditional rules to the blocks used in the editor.

Our team recently published an updated version of the plugin which fixed some minor bugs and now allows you to:

  • Show and hide blocks for each user (even when fully cached)
  • Add a rule to show or hide blocks based on the length of time spent on the page

The plugin also has a variety of other useful rules such as:

  • Whether a user is from a specific country
  • If the user has completed a gravity form on the website
  • Whether the user is logged in or not

To find out more information on our plugin, make sure to visit our WP-DXP page or you can go directly to the official WordPress plugin page and you will find instructions for installation.

Our CTO, Paul Halfpenny, was recently invited to give a lightning talk on the plugin at WordCamp 2022 in Portugal. Watch the video here.

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