What should I use, a CMS or a DXP?

If you’re unsure about what exactly a CMS or a DXP is, make sure to read through this quick summary. You can also check out our more detailed analysis in one of our recent resource article.

There are many digital tools and solutions available to businesses, one of which being a CMS (Content Management System).

If you’re unsure on what exactly a CMS is used for, it is an online tool which enables users to easily create and manage their website. You don’t need to worry about knowing how to code or having to use advanced methods, this is a very simple way to manage a website.

In comparison, a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) can allow more of a two-way relationship with your audience. When using a CMS, you are mainly putting out content for your audience to consume. Where as with a DXP, you can get feedback from customers and build a customer profile.

To put it simply, a Digital Experience Platform is a group of technologies which enable you to manage, deliver and optimise your customer journey. Your DXP will track each interaction between a customer and your brand, store customer data and allow you to target specific segments of your audience as a result.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) vs CMS

Which Technology is Best for Your Business?

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