Introducing Will Sandford, UI Designer

We’re excited to introduce our newest UI Designer, Will Sandford. We welcomed Will to the team in June and in this article we will find out more about his background and interests.

Will, could you describe your role in 50 words or less?

My role as a UI designer is to make products, such as websites or apps, simple and intuitive for users, so they can achieve their goal in the smoothest way possible, whilst also ensuring business goals are met.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

After studying Graphic Design at university, I worked various internships to gain some real world design experience. I ended up at a digital agency called Puzzle which was a great environment to grow as a designer. I had the opportunity to work on a range of briefs — from apps and websites to mobile games and social media creative.

Since Puzzle I have worked in-house on SaaS products in the Proptech and recruitment industries.

And what has been most interesting or satisfying project you’ve worked on in your career so far?

I designed an iPad game which was part of Westfield Shopping Centre’s Christmas grotto experience. The game involved children tossing enough snow into ‘Santa’s Snowflake Factory’ so their own engraved snowflake Christmas tree decoration could be crafted.

What made you decide to take the opportunity to join Filter, and what excites you most about the work so far?

Filter work with a range of clients across different industries, so I’m very much looking forward to working on many different projects. It was clear during the interview process that Filter values people and everyone I spoke to seemed passionate and easy-going, so I was keen to be a part of the team.

What’s your current remote working set-up like?

I moved into my flat fairly recently so currently it’s a small desk in the corner of my bedroom — certainly in need of an upgrade!

What technology trends or developments are you most excited about, looking ahead into 2022?

From a UI perspective, I’m looking forward to seeing what future updates Figma will provide. They’re currently solving a lot of pain points for designers in terms of component creation, design system management, etc.

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