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Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is now the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) framework in the world. It focuses on the collaborative authoring of websites tightly integrated with asset management and a wide ecosystem of plug-ins providing key functionality for specific use cases. This collaborative model works very well when content managers need to do their work independently of the teams providing design and development expertise.

The origins of WordPress, first as a typographic tool and then as a blogging framework, give it a strong focus on the management and formatting of text but it has become one of the go-to solutions for more organisationally complex contexts such as e-commerce while the development of themes and visual page builder tools has added sophisticated presentation capabilities to the core toolset.

Wordpress Admin

60% of CMS-built sites use WordPress and 400 million people visit WordPress sites monthly

Wordpress Dashboard

Key WordPress Features

There isn’t space here to list all the great things that WordPress does. Instead we’ll identify the features that we’ve made most use of and which have been of most value to our clients:

  • Easy to customise
  • Fully accessible, simple to use dashboard
  • Excellent for managing content
  • Strong media library features
  • Excellent SEO benefits for improved reach
  • API interfaces, providing freedom for integration

Why WordPress is a good choice of platform

We value WordPress because almost all the functionality that you need is readily available or can be added through a custom theme or custom plug-in. The clear separation between content authoring and development and design work is very helpful for projects where the capabilities of the site need to continue to evolve.

The maturity of the platform means that common areas of concern such as security and SEO have been thoroughly addressed, this allows us to concentrate on solving the problems that our clients are primarily concerned with, making the most of their digital assets and keeping their customers, followers and employees engaged.


Companies include The New York Times, Facebook, eBay, Sony, CNN, TechCrunch and Forbes

Who is using WordPress?

The flexibility and speed of development made possible by WordPress have made it a popular solution for businesses of all sizes, including many that you interact with on a very frequent basis. Many businesses who’s primary focus is on content publishing – such as the New Yorker, the New York Times, Variety and The Walt Disney Company – trust WordPress to deliver that content to their global audiences.

It is also telling how many companies whose main focus is technology use WordPress to fulfil their content publishing needs. Facebook, Mercedes, Bloomberg. Microsoft and Sony are all using WordPress to manage frequently updated content.

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