Ionic Framework


The world’s most popular cross-platform mobile development technology stack

Ionic Framework

Introduction to Ionic

Ionic Framework is an open source toolkit for building performant, high-quality, mobile and desktop applications. It is a set of tools that allow developers to concentrate on the look, feel and behaviour of their app without having to master the intricacies of developing for the multiple platforms and devices that the application needs to run on.

This ongoing focus on maintaining a powerful and developer friendly, open source tool kit has led to Ionic tools being very widely adopted with millions of active Ionic developers building apps for thousands of businesses.

Ionic Framework
Ionic Components

Key Features

Free and open source, Ionic offers a library of mobile-optimized UI components, gestures, and tools for building fast, highly interactive apps.

  • Compatibility with all major mobile platforms
  • Built on standards-based web technology
  • Progressive Web App support
  • Integrations with other technology stacks
  • Strong focus on performance

Why is Ionic a good choice?

Developing an App to run on Android and Apple devices presents a number of challenges. The complexity significantly increases if you want that app to also work as a web app in multiple browsers on a wide range of devices.

For businesses this translates to shorter development cycles and nicer apps that work better and faster. Ongoing maintenance and development is cheaper and faster with a high-quality user experience.

Ionic Multiplatform
Ionic Ecosystem

Companies such as Electronic Arts, BMW, NASA, NHS and General Electronic use Ionic

Who is using it?

Over 10 Million apps have been created using Ionic.

From NASA to the NHS there are thousands of organisations and businesses using Ionic to reach their users, colleagues, and customers. Amtrak choose Ionic to build their customer facing mobile app and Airbus use Ionic to power apps for their employees.

Other highly used apps include Sworkit, MarketWatch and JustWatch.

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