WordPress 6.5 “Regina” Released After Brief Delay

The WordPress community had a lot to say about the initial release of “Regina” but now it’s finally here and offers more creative options, better efficiency and seamless web development experiences.

The wait is over, the anticipated WordPress 6.5 (aka Regina) has been released, after a week-long delay due to unforeseen technical challenges. Named after the celebrated jazz violinist Regina Carter, WordPress 6.5 embodies the fusion of structure and creativity reminiscent of jazz music itself.

This latest version of WordPress combines robust functionality with boundless creative freedom, empowering users to craft stunning websites with ease. From improved link controls to enhanced background and shadow tools, this update empowers users to unleash their creativity and build captivating websites effortlessly.

Overcoming Challenges for a Smooth Release

A significant hurdle arose with the implementation of the Font Library feature, particularly regarding GDPR compliance and font storage location. After careful consideration and community feedback, the decision was made to delay the release by one week to address these issues effectively.

In response to concerns raised by the WordPress community, the directory for font storage was changed to wp-content/uploads/fonts, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use for users across the globe. Additionally, critical bug fixes were incorporated into the release candidate, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all users.

Streamlining Typography Management

WordPress 6.5 introduces the Font Library, simplifying typography management by enabling users to effortlessly install, remove, and activate local and Google Fonts, streamlining the design process and enhancing visual appeal. This feature addresses the need for a more intuitive way to manage typography within WordPress, replacing the reliance on third-party plugins or manual coding.

The Font Library enhances user experience by providing a centralized repository for font management, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple menus and settings. By offering seamless integration with both local and Google Fonts, users have access to a vast array of typefaces to suit their design preferences and branding requirements.

Enhancements and Innovations in WordPress 6.5

From improved link controls to enhanced background and shadow tools, this update empowers users to build captivating websites with ease. Developers can anticipate new tools and APIs for block-based editing, like the Interactivity API for interactive experiences and the Block Bindings API for dynamic connections between blocks and data.

Performance improvements include faster loading times and smoother editing experiences, with translated sites benefiting from up to a 25% improvement in load time. Accessibility is also prioritised, with over 65 improvements ensuring a more inclusive and user-friendly platform, from enhanced colour contrast to improved keyboard navigation.

The Marketer’s Guide to Website Performance

If you want to read more about website performance, make sure to check out our guide to website performance. We have produced this FREE eBook in collaboration with WP Engine, exploring the vast topic of website performance.

With WordPress 6.5 “Regina,” the WordPress community reaffirms its dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and excellence in web development. Read the official WordPress announcement here. As users explore the exciting new features and enhancements, they’re invited to join in celebrating the spirit of creativity and collaboration that defines the WordPress ecosystem.

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