The Power of Partnership: Being a WP Engine Strategic Partner

In the ever-expanding and competitive digital space, the right partnerships can make all the difference.

Filter is a strategic partner of WP Engine, one of the world’s premier WordPress hosting providers but our partnership isn’t just a badge on our homepage, it’s a recognition of excellence and key to unlocking enhanced services and support for our clients.

Powering the digital landscape

WP Engine is one of the world’s largest WordPress hosting providers, they specialise in providing a reliable platform to help businesses manage and optimise their websites, particularly those with high traffic.

WP Engine is known for its contributions to the WordPress community, offering resources like articles and podcasts while actively participating in WordPress development.

Beyond hosting services, they engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives, showcasing a commitment to community support. They simplify website management and play a valuable role in fostering the growth of the WordPress community.

Rooted in strategy

The roots of our partnership with WP Engine run deep, dating back to the inception of Filter in 2016. This strategic decision was grounded in a shared vision for excellence, assuring our clients of a reliable and enduring foundation for their digital solutions.

Being recognised as a WP Engine Strategic Partner is no small feat, only 0.01% of agencies enjoy this prestigious distinction. Our enduring partnership and expertise as a WordPress development agency have been key factors in achieving this recognition.

Our elevated partnership not only acknowledges our longstanding collaboration but also grants us additional access to WP Engine services. This increased access enables us to provide improved services and support to our clients. WP Engine’s confidence in our capabilities signifies that we consistently make sound decisions and perform well.

The Marketer’s Guide to Website Performance

If you want to read more about website performance, make sure to check out our guide to website performance. We have produced this FREE eBook in collaboration with WP Engine, exploring the vast topic of website performance.

What are the benefits for our clients?

The true measure of any partnership lies in the practical benefits it brings to the end-users. In the case of Filter’s collaboration with WP Engine, these benefits are substantial and directly impact our clients:

Enhanced Performance: WP Engine’s platform is optimised for high-performance, ensuring that our clients’ websites operate seamlessly, providing a smooth user experience.

Scalability: The scalability offered by WP Engine’s infrastructure means that as our clients’ businesses grow, their digital presence can effortlessly scale to meet increasing demands.

Security Assurance: The partnership with WP Engine adds an extra layer of security to our client’s websites, safeguarding against potential threats and ensuring data integrity.

Strategic Support Access: Our status as a WPE Strategic Partner translates to enhanced access at WP Engine. This access allows us to deliver improved services and support, providing our clients with responsive and efficient solutions.

Creating client success stories

The overall result of our partnership is not just performant, scalable and secure websites, our collaborative efforts have a proven track record of creating success stories for our clients.

We work together to ensure the digital solutions we develop exceed expectations and contribute to their sustained growth and success in the digital space. A great example of our collaboration can be seen in our client story featuring Homeprotect.

Homeprotect Website Design

Migrating to WordPress

Homeprotect engaged our team to migrate their website to WordPress, in order to prioritise the optimisation and future-proofing of their digital presence to elevate their customers’ experience.

Contributing to the digital community

As part of our commitment to the digital space and our longstanding partnership, in 2023 we worked with the WP Engine team to publish an extensive guide to website performance.

The Marketer’s Guide to Web Performance provides a wide range of insights and actionable recommendations for businesses at all stages of their digital journey. The guide features contributions from industry experts Felix Arntz and Remkus de Vries, as well as in-depth information on the factors that affect web performance and common mistakes to avoid.

We also get to attend some great events throughout each year such as Ignite, where many industry professionals get together and discuss important topics. At the last event, our CTO, Paul Halfpenny, participated in a panel focusing on the power of AI innovations and when to implement them.


Overall, our partnership isn’t just a collaboration on paper, it’s a strategic alliance that directly translates into concrete benefits for our clients. From optimised performance and scalability to enhanced security and strategic support access, our clients reap the rewards of this partnership.

Being a strategic partner represents a commitment to client empowerment and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Together, we will continue to create high-quality digital solutions that go beyond expectations, contributing to the growth and prosperity of our clients.

Having worked in agencies since he left university, Paul drives both the technical output at Filter, as well as being responsible for planning. His key strengths are quickly understanding client briefs and being able to communicate complex solutions in a clear and simple manner.

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