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WP Engine is a premier managed WordPress hosting platform that empowers businesses and individuals to build and run high-performance websites with ease.

The platform offers reliable infrastructure, robust security, and expert support, all geared towards delivering exceptional digital experiences.

WP Engine empowers businesses and individuals to unleash the full potential of their WordPress websites by offering a comprehensive managed hosting solution. With an unwavering focus on performance, security, and support, WP Engine enables users to create exceptional digital experiences that drive success in the online world.

WordPress multi-site implementation for Jinjuu

We had the pleasure of working with premier Korean food restaurant, Jinjuu, based in Soho, London. We worked with the Jinjuu team to develop a visually appealing, fully functional and scalable website. Part of this project involved catering for multiple websites for different restaurants such as Jinjuu Hong Kong which required scalable infrastructure, this is why we chose to utilise the WP Engine platform.

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