Filter Digital Launch Safe For Work App

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the rules. Employers now more than ever need to know their staff are safe to come into work.

We are living in a unique and challenging time, as the world stumbles forward trying to come to grips living with a contagious infectious disease.
It’s a time when people are resetting, assessing, watching and praying. The impact has been devastating; hundreds of thousands dead, families & friends grieving, courageous essential workers putting their lives at risk, businesses under threat and a bleak economic outlook, which will impact on a generation to come.
We recognise COVID has changed the rules, and that we’re all going to need to live in an adapted way for the foreseeable.

As a solutions led business, we wanted to in some small way contribute some good to the world, so set about combining our expertise with the technologies we know and love.
We’re delighted this week to announce the launch of a Safe For Work app.

The app has been developed to supplement other measures being taken in workplaces such as social distancing and face masks, but crucially, it provides a written record of the health status of each employee every day and provides a manager or an HR team with the ability to decide if the responses breach their guidelines.

How does the Safe For Work app work?

  • Employers download the app and set up their organisation

  • Inviting employees to sign in to complete a daily questionnaire

  • Employers have the ability to set their own questions

  • The Safe For Work app automatically determines which of your coworkers is Safe for Work or not based on the answers that they have provided to your questions.

  • Additional employees or coworkers can quickly and easily be invited at required


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