New Enterprise Series Guide: The Marketer’s Guide to Web Security

Learn how to improve your web security, without sacrificing user experience or performance by downloading our most recent eBook.

Throughout 2023, we published a series of free eBooks for businesses on a variety of topics including accessibility, personalisation, website performance and digital sustainability.

Our next edition focuses solely on the topic of web security, offering valuable insights from industry experts and actionable recommendations.

We are excited to introduce The Marketer’s Guide to Web Security, created in collaboration with the experienced team at WordPress VIP.

Our collaboration with WordPress VIP highlights the pivotal role of robust web security in safeguarding assets and maintaining trust.

This guide empowers enterprises with vital tools for digital resilience.

Paul Halfpenny

CTO, Filter

Why is Web Security Important?

Protecting sensitive data, such as customer information, financial records and proprietary data, is extremely important when it comes to maintaining trust and credibility.

59% of medium-sized businesses and 69% of large businesses in the UK experienced security breaches or attacks in 2023.

Breaches can lead to severe financial repercussions, damage to your businesses reputation and even legal liabilities. Ensuring robust web security not only safeguards the integrity of operations but also fosters customer confidence, enhancing brand loyalty.

A Valuable Resource

One of our main goals for this guide was to create a resource which would highlight how to improve website security without having to sacrifice user experience or website performance.

We have collaborated with the experts at WordPress VIP to create an extensive guide which showcases over 14 actionable recommendations, provides key industry insights and covers a diverse range of strategies.

Our guide not only equips businesses with a comprehensive understanding of potential vulnerabilities but also champions a proactive, ongoing security mindset to ensure resilience against evolving threats.

Collaborating with WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP‘s expertise in enterprise-grade security solutions significantly enriched our guide, offering valuable insights and perspectives crucial for businesses seeking to fortify their online security.

Their commitment to continuous monitoring, robust access controls and cutting-edge security measures aligns seamlessly with our mission to empower businesses in safeguarding their digital assets.

With their comprehensive security infrastructure and dedication to providing the highest level of WordPress security, their team served as an invaluable partner, ensuring that our guide reflects the most current and effective security strategies, making them a great ally for businesses navigating the complexities of web security.

The Marketer’s Guide to Web Security

Learn more about how to improve your website security, without sacrificing website performance or user experience by accessing our FREE eBook.

Download the guide and start your journey towards better website security today!

If you’d like to discuss your web security needs with our team, make sure to reach out using the simple form at the bottom of this page.

If you’re looking for more resources on digital topics, our resource centre is home to a wide range of helpful insights on important subjects like sustainability, website performance, personalisation, accessibility and more.

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