Bespoke EIA Application Development

Quod came to us with a prototype of a bespoke application but it lacked various key components. Our team came together to provide a creative solution.

App Development

Quod is a dynamic independent consultancy at the cutting edge of planning, development economics, socio-economics and environmental planning based in London and Leeds. Find out more about Quod here.

Project Overview

Quod needed a web-based application that could help potential customers assess the regulatory requirements for a broad range of planning applications. The brief was to build an app that could:

  • Identify the right questions to ask a user, based on the nature of their planned development
  • Capture the appropriate detail of a specific application
  • Integrate with specialist external services to assess applications using geo-spatial data and mapping tools
  • Assess the likelihood that the user would need to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment as part of their planning application
  • Provide the user with appropriate advice and encourage them to consider Quod as a provider of professional services to assist in the ongoing processing of the planning application

The Starting Point

Quod brought us a prototype of the desired application, which included some completed interface work and a sample question flow but lacked the following key components:

  • Flexible logic to guide users through questions that are relevant to their application type
  • Data capture and storage of the detail of applications and assessments to allow Quod to follow up assessments from an informed position
  • Customer communication generated by the application to confirm that an assessment had been registered and to provide a CTA for users
  • Analytics and tracking of user behaviours

Our Approach

We approached these problems by designing and implementing a database driven back-end for the application.

We encoded 50+ distinct question types, mapped to over 40 specific planning proposal types as entries in the database.

We also integrated the existing interface with the required logic to take a user through the correct questions, in order to build an accurate and comprehensive profile of their development application.

This will enable Quod to capture relevant application and user details while complying with relevant data protection legislation.

Our team completed the project by generating informative and compelling communications to engage with users.

If you have a similar project in mind or want to learn more about bespoke solutions, you can read more about bespoke development here.

We were excited to take on a bespoke development project for Quod, this is something unique which will help the company to vastly improve their customer journey. We’re looking forward to seeing how this helps Quod and its customers moving forward.

Oliver Morrison

CEO, Filter

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