Revitalising the JD Wetherspoon Careers Website for Enhanced Talent Acquisition

Our collaboration with JD Wetherspoon demonstrates how a strategic approach to website redevelopment and content enhancement can positively impact talent acquisition in a competitive market.

WordPress Development

JD Wetherspoon, well known by most Brits as an esteemed hospitality chain with a workforce exceeding 43,000, engaged with Filter to explore how they could elevate their existing online presence to promote roles and career opportunities offered across the business.

Recognised as a reputable employer, JD Wetherspoon emphasises rewarding its staff with bonuses, shares, training and career advancement opportunities, with many head office and management personnel having started their careers at a local JD Wetherspoon pub.

Project Objective

The primary objective of the digital project for JD Wetherspoon was to enhance the user experience and accessibility of their careers site.

The focus was resolving issues related to mobile performance and the absence of a responsive design, ensuring that potential candidates can seamlessly navigate and apply for jobs.

Additionally, the project aimed to refresh the design and assets of the website to showcase JD Wetherspoon as an award-winning employer. Simultaneously, modernising the technology and optimising the site structure was a key goal to improve visibility on Google and enhance organic search results.

Our Approach & Technology

To achieve the project objectives Filter redesigned and developed a new JD Wetherspoon careers website to improve mobile usability and enhance the overall user experience.

Leveraging WordPress, we implemented a responsive design and layout, ensuring seamless access and navigation across various devices.

The new site features an intuitive job search functionality that allows users to search for positions based on role and location.

Applying for jobs has been simplified to a one-click process, streamlining the application process and making it more accessible for a wider pool of candidates.

Accessibility Guide

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The Importance of a Content Strategy

To humanise the recruitment process, we incorporated personal stories from existing staff members, showcasing their career progression within JD Wetherspoon, providing potential candidates with real-life examples of success and creating a sense of community and belonging.

We emphasised the company commitment to providing guaranteed hours that align with employees’ lifestyles. This information was made clearly available on the site to attract candidates seeking flexible work arrangements.

Simultaneously, we revamped and enriched the content to clearly articulate what JD Wetherspoon offers to its employees, including bonuses, shares, and career growth prospects.

The content aimed to offer an in-depth portrayal of the work, culture, benefits, and potential growth trajectory within the organisation.


The revamped careers site not only effectively tackled the previously identified mobile usability challenges but has also delivered a comprehensive transformation of the entire candidate experience.

Keeping pace with the dynamic nature of recruitment, the website now boasts regularly updated content, real-time job vacancies, and a visually engaging array of fresh and inspiring imagery.

The implementation of a responsive design and the incorporation of user-friendly features play pivotal roles in elevating the site’s appeal to potential candidates, contributing significantly to the attraction of top talent for JD Wetherspoon.

Notably, the site has achieved top-tier performance on Google’s automated Lighthouse tool, affirming excellence in the quality of web pages and further solidifying the position of JD Wetherspoon as a top employer of choice.


In collaboration with JD Wetherspoon, Filter undertook a strategic initiative to revitalize the company’s careers website, aiming to bolster talent acquisition efforts in a competitive market.

By leveraging WordPress development, we redesigned the site with a focus on enhancing mobile usability and user experience. Implementing intuitive job search functionality and simplifying the application process, we aimed to attract a wider pool of candidates. Humanising the recruitment process through personal stories and highlighting employee benefits, the revamped content strategy aimed to showcase JD Wetherspoon as an employer of choice.

The website’s top-tier performance on Google’s Lighthouse tool reaffirmed JD Wetherspoon’s position as a leading employer, effectively attracting top talent to the company.

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