Migrating To WordPress: New Website Launch For Homeprotect

Homeprotect approached Filter with a specific project: to revamp and migrate their current website from Joomla to WordPress.

Migrating To WordPress

Homeprotect are a specialised home insurance provider with a commitment to providing excellent customer service and a seamless digital experience.

In a pivotal move towards improving their online presence and supporting ambitious growth targets, the company sought the expertise of Filter in late 2022.

Tasked with the mission of redesigning and replatforming their website from Joomla to WordPress, we took on the challenge to elevate Homeprotect‘s brand experience to align with their recent rebrand and marketing campaigns.

What were the main challenges?

Homeprotect faced a multitude of challenges that demanded swift and strategic solutions, prompting them to consider migrating their existing website from its current Content Management System (Joomla) to WordPress.

Their current website proved to be cumbersome for the internal development team, diverting valuable resources away from their focus on customer service. A more streamlined approach was imperative.

The project had a pressing deadline, in order to align with new Government regulations relating to the presentation of content for insurance providers. This meant the new website needed to be launched by mid-June 2023 at the very latest.

Homeprotect’s vision encompassed not only regulatory compliance but also a desire to improve their core web vitals and overall site performance. Accessibility concerns on both mobile and desktop required significant attention.

Recognising the need for a scalable solution to accommodate future growth and introduce new products, Homeprotect sought a dynamic platform that could evolve alongside their ambitious trajectory.

Why migrate to WordPress?

An evaluation of Homeprotect’s current resources highlighted the need for a more streamlined solution for other essential business elements, to compliment their existing decoupled tech solutions.

Together, we made the strategic decision to migrate their current website to the world-renowned WordPress platform. WordPress is the leading CMS, empowering 40% of all websites online today.

There are many benefits to utilising the WordPress platform, such as:

  • user-friendly interface and easy maintenance
  • limitless possibilities with plugins and themes
  • easy to use built-in SEO features
  • community support and resources
  • a variety of accessibility features
  • flexibility and adaptability for growth potential

By choosing WordPress, Homeprotect’s team secured an agile and efficient website management system that aligns seamlessly with their customer-centric objectives and ambitious growth plans.

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Fast-tracking the website build in 5 weeks

With a fully immersive team, we worked with the Homeprotect design lead to align with their recent rebrand, creating a very functional but sophisticated website that would work well across a range of devices.

During our standard WordPress build Discovery Phase, we conducted a series of sessions with Homeprotect’s team, delving into the specific requirements for their new website. Through collaborative discussions with their technical, operations and marketing teams, we produced valuable insights into the business needs that would help shape the development process.

We documented their requirements in such detail, that when we came to the Design & Build Phase we had everything agreed and ready to execute. Thanks to the dedication of our team, we were able to fast-track the build phase to deliver within just 5 weeks.

A thorough QA phase led to a seamless handover to the Homeprotect marketing team to build out their pages in WordPress and get used to working within the CMS, while the Filter team was available to guide them through the process.

Excelling expectations with Core Web Vitals

If you’re unfamiliar, Core Web Vitals are a set of specific website performance metrics that were originally introduced by Google to assess the overall user experience on a webpage. These metrics focus on three key aspects: loading speed, interactivity and visual stability.

As a result of our diligent efforts, post-launch site performance on mobile skyrocketed from a score of 86 (taken from the 7th June 2022) to an impressive 94 (data correct as of the 7th June 2023).

Moreover, accessibility, a primary goal of the project, witnessed a remarkable transformation, soaring from a score of 70 to a perfect 100 on both mobile and desktop platforms.

By implementing optimisation techniques and prioritising accessibility features, the Filter team ensured that Homeprotect’s website offered a seamless and inclusive user experience across all devices.

“It’s been 2 months since we launched the new site and we’ve seen a +25% increase in our conversion rate and a huge increase in load speed across both mobile and desktop. Our new site is also more accessible (AA standard) and our new and improved navigation now means fewer people search for things like ‘login’ since the button is now so easy to find.”

Libby Goodsearles



Filter’s efficient process and expertise led to a seamless migration and SEO optimisation, elevating Homeprotect’s website performance. Core Web Vitals showed remarkable improvement, especially for overall website performance and accessibility on all devices.

By prioritising accessibility, optimising site performance, and embracing the power of WordPress, Homeprotect’s new website now stands as a beacon of excellence in the insurance industry, enriching the digital experience for all users and solidifying their position for continued growth and success.

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