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It is crucial to ensure that your website’s performance meets Google’s Core Web Vitals standards. It is not only about having a fast and lightweight website but also about providing an exceptional user experience. By achieving this, your website can gain an advantage in search engine rankings, which it rightly deserves.

Rachel Berry

Head of Client Services – Filter

Unlock Your Potential

A faster, more accessible website isn’t just about user experience; it’s also about boosting your search engine rankings.

Search engines like Google prioritise website speed and accessibility as ranking factors. By optimising these aspects, you can drive more organic traffic and increase conversion rates.

For some businesses, even a small increase in conversion rates can dramatically boost revenue. And often, the investment in optimisation is tiny in comparison to the gains.

What Do We Audit?

Our audit includes thorough speed tests, accessibility scoring, and SEO performance analysis to ensure your website is primed for success in today’s digital landscape.

Over the course of 48 hours, our expert team conducts a comprehensive assessment of your website, covering essential areas such as:

  • Core Web Vitals Test
  • SEO Structure
  • Accessibility Test
  • Security Check

Actionable Insights Report

We will then deliver to you a concise findings report detailing:

  • Strengths of your current setup
  • Improvement & Performance Solutions
  • Forecast of Potential Risks
  • Recommended Strategies for Enhancement

All of this is completely free, with no obligation to use Filter services.

The Marketer’s Guide to Website Performance

If you want to read more about website performance, make sure to check out our guide to website performance. We have produced this FREE eBook in collaboration with WP Engine, exploring the vast topic of website performance.

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