Why Are API’s Important In The Social Media Space?

In this article we look into what an API actually is and why it’s important to consider them when it comes to social media.

Following on from our recent article detailing next years top social media trends, we wanted to examine the use of API’s and why they are important within the social media landscape.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is the name given to a collection of programming instructions that enable a piece of software to interact with other pieces of software.

For example, in regards to social media analytics, each platform has its own set of data which can be accessed via its own API. This allows management tools such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite to provide accurate analytical data from a variety of sources, all in one convenient location.

Utilising this data enables brands to participate in ‘social listening’. This practise allows brands to understand how their audience feel about them and their products or services. Social listening can also help businesses to identify any potential issues that they might need to address, such as a common delivery delay or a mistake within a social media post etc.

In November, Sprout Social published an insightful blog post which explains all of the different API types and exactly why they matter within the social media space. Click here to go to their blog.

“It’s with the help of APIs that we can quickly check the weather on our phones and decide whether to bring an umbrella. We’ve also seen rapid growth in convenient mobile applications that make it easier to do things. This could be anything from ordering groceries online to tracking your budget.”

Sprout Social

Another method of utilising API’s is by using a Headless CMS solution to transmit your content across different channels, through one central back-end solution. Read more about the benefits of implementing a Headless solution here.

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