Combining Expertise with Technology


We believe our innovation comes from our ability to simplify and have developed our offering to cover a selection of specialist services, reflecting our expertise and capability.

Strategy and Consultancy

We provide industry-leading expertise to support you to realise your digital vision, bound only by the extent of your ambition.

Whether your goals include increasing leads, revenue or engagement, we implement effective digital strategy including consideration to business, people and technology requirements.

Enterprise WordPress

We have a strong background working with WordPress on an enterprise-level, we are also a WordPress VIP Silver Partner. The platform is simple enough for anyone to use, agile enough to adapt to change and to meet your customers wherever they are.

App development

We have an excellent track record of developing apps for a variety of purposes, whether it’s a unique bespoke development project or something more general to increase e-commerce prospects or customer engagement, we can help you create a dynamic solution.

Websites & CMS

We have built websites for a wide range of different businesses and organisations, our team is used to taking on a clients brief and going above and beyond to produce a dynamic and efficient website.

We get the details right, ensuring search engines interpret your website correctly, whilst making sure your customers can access the right content in the right language.

Bespoke development

Sometimes there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and you may need to create something new.
Each member of the Filter development team has their own specialty and brings a wealth of experience to draw from, as a result we are able to produce innovative and unique solutions.


Adding an E-Commerce platform to your project can be a great way to increase your revenue, add value to your brand and take control of your sales process.


Interested in working with us? We’d love to hear from you.