New Marketer’s Guide to Accessibility launched

Keep reading to find out more about our newly published business resource, focusing on web accessibility for websites and why it’s so important.

Accessibility is a term that’s become a lot more common in the digital space in recent years. So much of our daily lives now takes place online, from work to shopping, to using local council services. That means almost every business today has a website, including private and public sector organisations.

For that reason, we all must understand accessibility and take steps to make our websites accessible to everyone.

With that in mind, here at Filter, we’ve devoted the first eBook in our new Enterprise Series to understanding what accessibility means, how to meet regulatory requirements, and a guide to the most commonly asked questions about accessibility.

The Marketer’s Guide To Web Accessibility

The newly published guide gives extensive insight to help modern-day marketers adhere to accessibility standards, while offering easy-to-action tips and guidance.

The eBook is free to download to anyone and can be found here, and as part of our focus on this topic, we’ve also created several different resources and articles that provide more information on subjects such as Accessibility Audits, Testing Tools, and how to deliver an accessible website with WordPress.

We’ve co-authored the guide with one of our partners, Web Usability, who we work with to evaluate existing or new websites and apps and remediate issues. This includes testing with disabled users, auditing for compliance, and reviewing user journeys.

We would appreciate your feedback on our guide and encourage you to share it within your organisations and communities to promote a better understanding of accessibility. Please let us know if you found the guide useful.

And, of course, if you still have questions, we’re more than happy to chat or have a call with you to help you navigate this subject.

Feel free to drop us a note using or fill in our contact form and get in touch.

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