Introducing Allison Tupper, Project Manager

Our team is growing, we’re welcoming a few new team members to the Filter family in the next few months. We’d like to introduce you to our newest Project Manager – Allison Tupper.

Allie, could you describe your role in 50 words or less?

I’m a Project Manager, the short version is that I ensure projects are delivered on time and to scope. I work with our clients to build strong relationships, remove anything that’s blocking the delivery team doing their work and I produce the occasional Gantt chart.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I’ve been working in all things digital since the late nineteen hundreds. I started as a developer back when all you needed was html, CSS and a smidge of JavaScript. Over time, I’ve worked for small agencies, freelanced and most recently a large corporate.

I moved to the Project Management side of the fence whilst I was at the large corporate as my ability to build relationships with clients and to ensure the success of projects was recognised as being invaluable. It helps that I love working with clients and understanding the project from their perspective.

Outside of digital things, I enjoy walking (if there’s a view halfway round and a pub at the end of the walk, even better), cooking (my 2020 Sourdough starter is still going strong) and I’m a keen but very amateur gardener.

What has been the hardest problem you’ve had to solve so far in your career?

As part of a personalised employee experience portal my team was creating for a large, geographically distributed healthcare provider, we had the challenge of gathering and understanding a vast number of data points to power the portal. I worked with the client to create a frankly massive matrix which we then turned into a data spec for a weekly demographic feed. Pulling that together took many calls, patience, good humour and a lot of coffee.

And what has been most interesting or satisfying project you’ve worked on in your career so far?

It’s another employee experience portal but this time I was working with the client, several external vendors, and a small internal development team to launch a new portal to a tight timescale. There was a financial penalty for late delivery. We launched a day early, under budget and remained firm friends with all the stakeholders, can’t ask for more than that as a Project Manager.

What made you decide to take the opportunity to join Filter, and what excites you most about the work so far?

Just meeting Olly, Paul and Sarah was enough for me. The company culture was evident from that first conversation. I am excited to be working with a group of incredible people on a diverse range of projects.

What’s your current remote working set-up like?

I’m incredibly lucky to have a room that I can dedicate to my home working set-up. I’m currently kitted out with a MacBook Air, Samsung monitor, a One by Wacom which I use instead of a mouse and a Roberts Bluetooth speaker – I can’t concentrate properly without music.

What technology trends or developments are you most excited about, looking ahead into 2022?

For me, Figma’s been a game changer in helping the way that designers can communicate their vision to both clients and developers, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in 2022. As a personalisation nerd I’m looking forward to the features we’re adding to our own WP-DXP plugin. I’m also hoping someone out there is developing and automated Gantt chart builder!


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