What is a Tech Stack?

This week is London Tech Week and we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain what we mean when we’re talking about a Tech Stack.

London Tech Week is a joint venture from Informa Tech and Founders Forum which celebrates the strength and diversity of technology in the UK. This years week long festival of events will take place from the 13th to the 17th June 2022. Read more about London Tech Week here.

The world of business is constantly evolving and developing, and so are the digital tools available to us and the functions they are capable of.

All tech stacks are divided between the back end and front end, also known as server-side and client-side. If a tech stack were a laptop computer, the back end would be the internal hardware that makes it run. The front end interface would be the screen, casing, and keyboard, which allow the user to interact with the laptop.

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The technological tools which are used in the process of running your business can be considered your chosen Tech Stack and then you can segment this into more focused areas such as Marketing, Ecommerce and Customer Service Tech Stacks for example.

We regularly publish articles where we explain how various of these tools are used for and why they are important to your business. Many of these would be considered great additions to your Marketing Tech Stack, such as a CRM, CDP, CMS and/or DXP.

If you’re curious about the Tech Stacks which are used by big companies such as Google, Facebook or Airbnb you can take a look at the options they use at a website called Stack Share.

Your stack says a lot about your engineering and company culture. Everyone should feel confident in the tools they’re using, that they’re working from complete, trusted data. There’s no one perfect stack, but you can get close to the ideal one for your business.

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