Useful Tips For Better Cyber Security

This year marks the 10th anniversary of European Cybersecurity Month, to mark the occasion, we thought we’d put together a few handy cybersecurity tips.

October is European Cybersecurity Month, where many different organisations promote information on how you can ‘choose to be safe online’. This is especially important when running a business with digital solutions that could be left vulnerable without taking the proper precautions.
There are lots of different sources to find cybersecurity guidance online but we’ve put together a brief list of handy tips below:

Keep Everyone Informed

If a member of your team spots a strange email or identifies a phishing attempt, it’s important to share the details with the rest of your team or even company-wide. Another way to keep everyone educated on cyber-security risks is to introduce a training initiative to keep everyone up to date and informed on what to look out for.

Complete A Risk Assessment

If you’re concerned about your cyber-security, a good way to evaluate your operation is to conduct a routine risk assessment. There are a variety of free tools and resources available online, including this useful guide on risk management from the National Cyber Security Centre.

Set Up Two Step Verification

We know it can seem like a pain but two-step verification is a key way to protect your data during a data breach. Take the time to set it up where it’s available and we promise it will be worthwhile! Depending on your device or the software you’re using, you may be able to use your fingerprint, do a facial scan or set up a verification app.

Secure Your Passwords

In an ideal world, it would be great to remove the use of passwords entirely. However, in reality this would be very difficult! A more manageable way to improve security is to use a trusted password-management solution. This approach allows users to store many different passwords in one place, avoiding the common mistake of using the same password for everything. It can also help you to identify any weak passwords or unstable websites which could leave you at risk.

“While we all want to move away from passwords we probably need to consider how difficult that actually is, password managers can be a great alternative to improve security. It’s probably best to agree on a standard methodology or tool (and some rotation guidelines) across the company in question.”

Jo Ryall

Head of Systems & Support

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