How to Increase First Party Data

Due to an increase in privacy laws and recent changes which will phase out third-party cookies, it’s important to explore other strategies for data collection.

First Party Data (1PD) is data which is collected directly from your audience, based on behaviours taking place on your own website or app and is often considered the most valuable.
There are other types of data such as Third Party Data which normally comes from an indirect channel existing between the company and its customers. This kind of data is usually collected by an external source and is then organised and sold to companies for marketing purposes.
There are many benefits to 1PD, as it’s sourced directly from existing customers it can be the most reliable data, while being the cheapest option.

“It is typically the most reliable data available to you. In most instances, you can collect first-party data at no cost, so it is the least expensive option”

Swish Goswami

Forbes Technology Council

Here are a few useful ways businesses can increase their First Party Data:

Traditional Forms

One of the most simple and traditional ways to collect 1PD is to create a form within your own website or app, featuring a series of questions and usually a GDPR disclaimer or tick box to acquire the relevant consent. This may require some kind of incentive to generate form submissions, which depending on your business type could include a discount on products or services or some kind of valuable information in return.

Participating in Events

Hosting an online event or participating in a conference can be another useful way to increase 1PD, whether you are contributing as a speaker or as an event sponsor. A number of questions can be executed as part of the registration process or as part of a post-event questionnaire. If you are collaborating with another business, you may be able to share data, as long as GDPR guidance is complied with.

Website Visitors

If your business has a website or uses online paid advertisements, you may already have an extensive source of 1PD. For example, Google Analytics uses first-party cookies which capture a variety of insights on your audience. In some cases you can view the breakdown of your user audience by demographic factors such as location, age, gender and interests, in addition to referral data – which can tell you where your traffic is coming from.

Join Other Platforms

Joining other platforms can expand the data collected, as most social media profiles have at least some analytical data such as follower location etc.

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