Digital Trends Every Business Should Know About In 2023

New year, new trends. Keep reading to find out the predicted digital trends that every business should keep in mind throughout 2023.

Every new year brings new trends, especially in the current digital space. Things are constantly changing – whether it’s social media algorithms, technological developments or cultural changes.

We scoured a range of trusted sources across the internet to find out what exactly you should be thinking about in 2023, here are a list of 4 important points to keep in mind.

AI Disruption

2022 brought us a lot of developments within the world of AI, including the wildly popular ChatGPT that has taken the internet by storm since it’s launch in November 2022.

These developments make it easier to produce content and get insightful answers on specific topics. There is potential for this to cause disruption within the search engine space, and the recent investment in OpenAI by Microsoft indicates that they will build this technology into Bing.

In the meantime, you can use ChatGPT yourself by registering here, allowing to you to test how capable it is in providing relevant and contextual answers to the questions you pose.

Customer Data Platforms

Implementing a CDP can help businesses to connect and integrate multiple different sources of data and applications (such as website visits, social media, and offline activity) and use this to create a customer-centric approach to marketing across multiple touchpoints.

During 2022, the Filter team helped to implement Customer Data Platforms such as Blue Venn and Bloomreach, as well as developing personalised data stores in enterprise CMS platforms, across our client base. This means that in 2023, they are able to take advantage of a comprehensive single customer view and tailor their marketing to deliver the right message at the right time.

You can read a more in-depth explanation of Customer Data Platforms & their benefits here.

Everything as a service

A relatively new business model titled XaaS has been gradually growing in popularity. This approach is a method of providing software to customers on demand, offering a range of services through one provider.

Examples of XaaS include Amazon Web Services, Apache Stratos, Google App Engine and Salesforce – all providers which have a conglomerate style approach to their business activities. Using this business model allows them to diversify their operations whilst enjoying operational backend efficiencies as they scale.

According to a report from Fortune Business Insights, the XaaS market is projected to have a growth rate of 23% according to a recent report published by Fortune Business Insights.

It’s also possible to see this approach within digital, with WeChat being a prime example of a super app concept that Elon Musk has also floated as a potential route for Twitter. This elevates apps from being focused on a specific need or function, into becoming a platform in themselves, hosting other business micro-apps and a wide range of functionality.

Increased cloud migration

Finally, cloud migration still remains a priority for many businesses.

During the global pandemic, organisations needed to re-evaluate the efficiency of their processes at pace and this led to a significant increase in the speed of digital transformation plans. Those with existing projects in motion were able to accelerate those plans; for others that were not ready to implement the scale of change needed, it was a wake-up call to move them up the priority list.

This means that although many have embraced the change to digitising their processes, there are just as many that are still in their infancy.

And so we expect the move into the cloud to continue to gather pace in 2023, and for companies to further realise, and utilise, the range of benefits that it offers – such as scalability, agility, decreased running costs, the ability to outsource maintenance and improved accessibility.

This year is set to be a period of adjustment within the digital space, especially with developments like ChatGPT causing a stir. We’d love to know what you think about our list, have we missed anything? What’s the top trend you’ve got your eye on for 2023?

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Find out how we’ve helped various other businesses by visiting our client stories page.

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