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The House of Garrard was keenly aware of the opportunity to communicate with their existing customer base and to capture details of prospective customers.

Integrated CRM Development

Having worked with House of Garrard on several projects we were happy to support improve some of their business processes, to allow for more tailored use of the customer data captured in-store or on their website. We worked collaboratively to a refreshed approach to CRM, identifying an appropriate solution to implement in a way that would fulfil Garrard’s requirements.

Project Objective

No business likes to feel that it is missing out on leads and potential repeat sales. House of Garrard wanted a CRM system that could absorb their historic data and capture customer data and leads from every channel in which they have a presence.

They wanted to avoid large up-front licensing costs and extended deployment times. For us this suggested a hosted service with a pay as you go model and with lots of options for data capture, import, and integration with a variety of technology stacks.

The traditional distinction between CRM, sales and marketing tools is much less relevant than it used to be so we were able to work with Garrard to build a requirements list that complemented existing business processes and which included GDPR readiness as a key area of focus.


Our Approach & Technology

Working with the senior management team we identified HubSpot as the tool of choice. We felt that it offered the best value for the current and future requirements of the client. The integrations that we were looking for were present and there was sufficient flexibility in the organisation of data to fit processes to the way that the business wanted to work.

We designed a phased deployment plan to roll out features gradually to minimise the chances of disruption to the business and this plan was shared for review with stakeholders within the business.

Considerations Around Data, Integrations & Audiences

The initial piece of work was focused on an audit of existing client and sales data. This data was cleaned, de-duplicated and prepared for import as contact, lead and customer records.

Integrations were built to make sure that CTA’s on website and social platforms led to data capture and lead generation.

Audience groups were defined and applied to all imported data and used to categorize data captured via these integrations.

House of Garrard

Testing & Implementation

Pipelines and workflows were configured in HubSpot to automate key processes and to help move prospects smoothly towards purchase.

Rigorous and thorough testing was carried out throughout the implementation phases to make sure that the solution fulfilled the customers requirements and was easy for staff to use.

As the solution was deployed a process optimization programme supported by staff orientation and training was delivered to support adoption throughout the business.


As a result of the HubSpot implementation all expressions of interest made by prospective customers have generated lead data that can be accessed in real time across the business.

Categorization of leads on the basis of favourite products or collections has made it much easier to spot trends in customer behaviour and respond intelligently and in a channel specific way.

The CRM foundation now in place has allowed additional functionality to be introduced where of value.

Making the right technology choice and involving stakeholders in the design and implementation of new functionality within a business can revolutionize key processes in a non-disruptive way.

Oliver Morrison

CEO, Filter

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