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Managed hosting for mission critical sites, optimised for WordPress

WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting for mission critical sites around the world and is optimised for WordPress

Introduction to WP Engine

WP Engine have built their business around WordPress hosting and have earned a reputation for providing stable, scalable and performant hosting solutions for WordPress CMS.

Their focus on WordPress and related technologies has allowed WP Engine to optimize their hosting offerings to work well with WordPress and they have developed industry leading expertise in supporting their customers with the technical intricacies of managing complex sites.  Their site management tools streamline many of the routine maintenance and monitoring tasks necessary to keep sites up and running.

WP Engine also offer a broad suite of tools designed to assist with the development and deployment of complex WordPress sites. They also manage a global content delivery network minimise load times for pages and assets.

Introduction to WP Engine
Key features of WP Engine

Key Features

WP Engine’s Creative Agility Tools include the following features:

  • Development, UAT and Production environments
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Automated Backups
  • Geotargeting
  • Global Data Centres and CDN
  • Launch Readiness Assessments
Who is using WP Engine?

Companies using WP Engine include eToro, The Webby Awards and AMD Developer Central

Who is using it?

WP Engine specialise in WordPress and their customer base reflects the core business of content management that WordPress does so well.

Estate agents have a heavily content driven model and WordPress is a good fit. Zoopla attract 25m visits a month and have chosen WP Engine to help them manage that load. In the USA realtor.com handle 100m visits a month with WordPress on WP Engine.

Why is WP Engine a good choice?

We have been working with WP Engine for a long time and have learned to value their laser sharp focus on WordPress and the development cycle of WordPress sites.

The developer focused tools that WP Engine have deployed allow our development team to concentrate on writing and testing code without the overhead of managing multiple development and staging environments.

Integrated security tools and features allow us to ensure our client sites are secure while CDN helps us ensure that sites perform well in all target markets.

We know we can rely on WP Engine for expert technical support when it is required.

Why is WP Engine a good choice?
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