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2023 Report

A look into the future of how leading brands use online Personalisation

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In 2023 personalisation has become the foundation of digital marketing, and consumers now expect it, with 76% reporting that they get frustrated when faced with a lack of personalised content.
However, very little is known about content personalisation for websites, as the focus over the past few years has been on e-commerce and product personalisation.

Personalisation for Web

Shaping the future of personalisation

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Implementing Personalisation

At Filter we’ve made it our mission to bring the power of personalisation to the masses through our free WordPress plugin WP-DXP.
Our journey isn’t complete though – there’s more still to discover about how businesses use personalisation for web to connect with their audiences, and how we can help them to do so.

OurĀ  new Personalisation for Web 2023 Report will be compiled using data sourced from businesses, brands and organisations around the world.

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By taking part in our survey you’ll be directly contributing towards a deeper level of understanding of why personalisation is so important and how we can overcome some of the key challenges.

Key insights will include:

  • Who is investing in personalisation
  • What the leading industries are
  • How to measuring the success of your personalisation efforts
  • Most popular personalisation tools & tech stacks
  • Ethical standpoints on data use
  • Tips on implementing personalisation
  • And more
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