Introducing Mark Manders, WordPress Developer

Our team is growing! We’d like to introduce you to Mark Manders, one of the newest members of the Filter family. In this article, we hear from Mark about his background and his interests as a developer.


Mark, could you describe your role in 50 words or less?

I am a Frontend / WordPress Developer. My goal is to create attractive and user-friendly websites for our clients who will be using WordPress as their primary CMS (Content Management System).

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

My first experiences of development came when I was at College studying IT. I quickly came to realise my favourite unit on the course was Web Development and so that ended up being the direction I took my career.

After leaving college I got a job as a Junior Web Developer at a software company called Ammnet Limited. I was there for about a year getting some solid work experience before moving down south to Kent.

My next and final job prior to working at Filter was at a Digital Agency in Kent who specialise in school websites for the private sector. Most of these schools use WordPress as their primary CMS which is where my WordPress experience comes from and that has allowed me to hit the ground running at Filter.

And what has been most interesting or satisfying project you’ve worked on in your career so far?

The most interesting project I have worked on so far is a side project that my friend and I created. We developed a Mixed Martial Arts prediction website where users could sign up and predict the outcome of the bouts. It had a members area with leaderboards and endless amounts of statistics to see how well users predicted on each event. At one point we had over twenty users predicting on the same event which doesn’t sound big but for us it was huge. Unfortunately the site took a lot of our time to administer and with similar sites like Draft Kings getting bigger we decided to end the project.

What made you decide to take the opportunity to join Filter, and what excites you most about the work so far?

What excites me most about joining Filter is the variety of work available. Every project I work on will involve new challenges as each clients needs are different. This keeps things fresh for me and means I am constantly learning new skills which is always a good thing.

What are your favourite programming languages to work with?

Right now I would say Javascript. My role requires me to use ‘React’ which is a javascript library so I am really enjoying the challenge of learning React and seeing how it can make development more efficient.

What’s your current remote working set-up like?

My remote set-up has evolved a lot over the past two years but I am now very happy with it. I have my own quiet room in the house dedicated to work. I use a Mac which is hooked up to two larger monitors to help make sure I am pixel perfect with my work. Finally, my dog keeps me company throughout the day and usually isn’t too far away to talk through any coding issues I come across!

What technology trends or developments are you most excited about, looking ahead into 2022?

From a business point of view I am looking forward to seeing how far we can take the WordPress block editor and how we can best implement it for our clients. From a personal point of view I am becoming more and more intrigued by the crypto world and finding out if NFT’s are a fad or the future!

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