Google Drives Hotel Bookings & Improves Google Workplace With AI

We’ve seen a lot of recent developments within the world of AI but how are the big guys utilising it? Keep reading to find out more about how Google is harnessing AI in its products.

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rapidly expanding, leading to the development of automation, machine learning and so much more.

With new products and services being announced regularly, it can be easy to miss things or to feel overwhelmed.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how industry giant Google are utilising AI and the specific services they have announced throughout March 2023.

Performance Max for Hospitality Brands

As travellers are spending more time planning and researching in advance in a post-pandemic landscape, Google has introduced ‘Performance Max for travel goals’ to hotel advertisers.

This feature is powered by AI and helps hospitality brands to expand their reach and increase direct bookings. Ads can be built easily in multiple formats and will be served across a variety of Google channels including Google Maps, Search, YouTube and Hotel Ads.

Performance Max for travel goals is already helping businesses to simplify their advertising, allowing users to support up to 100 hotel properties with one singular campaign. Users are able to pre-populate recommended imagery, messaging and other assets per location, while measuring location specific performance within the hotels tab.

As a result of this new development, Google reports that advertisers who utilise Performance Max are achieving over 18% more conversions. Minor Hotels, based in Bangkok with over 500 locations, reported that they increased their ROI by 76% and increased bookings by a massive 86%.

Click here to learn more about Performance Max

Google Workspace Improvements

Over the last 25 years, Google has introduced a range of invaluable products such as Google Maps, Docs and Sheets – used consistently by business professionals and everyday users alike.

Within the Google productivity suite, recent advances in AI have helped users to save time and improve efficiency with services such as smart compose and smart reply.

Google are now introducing a range of new ‘AI-powered writing features’ to a select group of testers. Features include ‘generative AI experiences’ such as:

  • generative AI in Google Docs to help you get started
  • auto-generated imagery in Slides
  • the ability to prioritise and summarise in Gmail
  • generate new backgrounds in Google Meet
  • auto-completion, formula generation and more in Google Sheets

Click here to learn more about the new features

AI has been transformational in building products that have earned a valued place in people’s lives. Across our productivity suite, advances in AI are already helping 3 billion users save more time.

Johanna Voolich Wright

Vice President, Product, Google Workspace

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