SO/ Paris Website Launch

With a new SO/ brand launch ahead of their Parisian hotel opening, the Ennismore team wanted to create a sophisticated online experience for its customers.

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SO Paris Website

Ennismore is known for creating brands and experiences that deeply resonate with its audience, through award-winning interior design and brand communications. They are one of the fastest and largest growing lifestyle hospitality brands in the world. With a team of professionals with substantial experience behind them. Find out more about Ennismore here.

Filter were delighted to be appointed to create a new online experience ahead of launching one of the first SO/ branded properties.

Project Overview

The first phase of this project was to create an initial microsite to reflect the new brand identity created by Ennismore for the launch of the first SO/ property.

The website was built for the SO/ Paris Hotel, ahead of its launch in the autumn of 2022. The website links to the Ennismore central booking system and acts as a brochure-style site for visitors to digest the beauty of the brand and experience of the hotel.

This phase was an initial step towards the end goal of developing a global, multi-lingual website for a growing array of hotel properties within the SO/ brand.

Our Approach & Technology

As the brand identity had recently been updated by the Ennismore team, the Filter team worked closely with them to build a website in-line with the new design style, reflecting interactive elements and ensuring the design came to life with a high-end feel.

The website was built using WordPress while utilising WordPress VIP features and functionality.

We included features such as a dynamic contact form and also set up Google Analytics to be able to understand user behaviour in this initial launch phase.

To ensure the website is accessible to both French and English visitors, the Filter team integrated the WordPress Multilingual plugin. Allowing visitors to select the appropriate language.

As part of subsequent phases, the iterative build approach taken by the Filter & Ennismore team will allow us to add languages as required for other SO/ hotel properties as we grow the site into a global online presence, ensuring geo-targeting will be used to feature relevant content to the visitor’s location.


The initial SO/ website launched on October 6th, 2022.

You can visit SO/ Paris to digest the hotel’s offerings and seamlessly link to the main booking platform.

Ennismore were happy with both the style and functionality of the initial website and we look forward to expanding the project further with subsequent phases in the pipeline.

So Paris Website

We’ve enjoyed working with Ennismore on this project, seeing their vision brought to life in line with their newly updated brand identity for the SO/ properties. The journey ahead is exciting, and we’re enthusiastic for the future project phases.

Oliver Morrison

CEO, Filter

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