Puff Story

Co-Founder of 3 Sided Cube USA.

3 Sided Cube champions and advocates all things tech for good. We are an ISO accredited app development and digital product agency on a mission to use technology to change millions of lives for the better. Since our ambitious beginning in 2009, we have put social impact at the heart and soul of everything we do. Reaching communities in over 87 countries, and 100+ million global downloads.

It has been extraordinary to be able to collaborate with exciting startups and inspirational international organisations such as the American Red Cross, LUSH, Global Forest Watch, Accenture, Nordstrom, JustGiving, and World Resources Institute.

Can you tell us about your career background and how you got to the position you are in today?
I managed to bag a degree in Advertising and Marketing at Bournemouth University and went on my way into the Ad industry through a creative agency in New York. Came back to The UK and ended up as a Media Planner in London at a global media agency. Stayed there for quite a few years (had an absolute blast), before moving back to Bournemouth to be by the sea (and my boyf at the time…now husband).
Commuting to London from Bournemouth every day was a bitch so I took the plunge and jumped from advertising into tech and never looked back. I gradually found my way to Cube where we were a small team of 5, and 7 years later we’ve grown and matured and have the opportunity to change millions of lives for the better every day.

What or who inspired you to achieve the success you have had?
Each and every Cube. Past, present and future.

What’s the best part of your job?
Breaking the rules! I’ve worked agency side my whole life, and previous to Cube I was perhaps put into different boxes, and could never really experiment or do anything outside ‘my role’. Whilst I know what I need to do (and trust me, I do it) I like to have a lot of fun along the way. I also LOVE meeting people! ❤

What types of projects are you working on right now?
Oh my gosh! So many INCREDIBLE projects!!! Of course we’re continuing our work with The American Red Cross on the Blood Donor and Emergency Apps. We’ve just released an app with The University of Bristol to help students navigate their first time at University.
We’re working on a progressive web app for The University of Southampton and The NHS to help inform people about the links between alcohol and breast cancer and we’ve just starting developing a mobile app for The Child Brain Injury Trust to help those families of children with brain injuries get the help and support they need. We’re also working with SimpllyHealth to deliver a new mobile app for them! And on the subject of health we’ve just finished a project that helps ​make access to medical records as easy, quick and convenient as it is to your music or bank accounts, while giving you full ownership and privacy through blockchain technology! Our first official blockchain project!
There are also 2 rather large top secret projects that are underway that we hope to announce in 2021. It’s been a very busy 2020…whilst mostly in lockdown.

Where do the great ideas come from in your organization?
Powerful combination of The Cubes and the end users!

What are your interests outside of work?
Walking. A lot. Since the first lockdown this year I’ve walked a minimum of 10 miles every single day. I’m obsessed.
Apart from that, spending time with my family and friends. I’m incredibly boring really.

How do you celebrate success?
As a team. Each and every single team member gets celebrated if we’ve had a win (whatever that win is). We acknowledge and celebrate. The celebration style might vary depending on what the ‘success’ is but always a team and never solo.

What career advice would you give your younger self?
Don’t look back. Keep moving forward.

What are little things that annoy you in the workplace?
The ‘thumbs up’ emoji is the biggest gumption trap in my work life.

What are you watching on TV?
The Last Dance, Succession and Unsolved Mysteries. I love a Netflix binge. And I’m now also watching The Die Hard Films – it is Christmas season after all.​

If you could compare yourself to an animal, what animal would that be?
A Chameleon – I’m pretty distinctive, and I’m not for everyone. I can change my style to suit my environment, and I think I’m a pretty good person to have in your life…those up for the challenge anyway. ​

Want to attend the next event?

We’re always open to meeting new connections, so if you are an agency owner or senior leader within an agency please do get in touch.